Sunday, March 21, 2021

To let go:

Some memories despite your reticence and expostulation, can consume you from within, like termites. While the battle is constant to erase, it pops up in your head, deludes and derails you from your daily routines or patterns that you have achieved. Perhaps, there lies a problem in our upbringing, we were told that we were special and once you were an over achiever over a quantum of time, you tend to think so – that with the high status that you have maintained for yourself, the saddle you climbed that needs to be let gone, is painfully excruciating: be it to your pride, be it to your wellbeing.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Poverty: It’s Easy to be Poor

There is an age old story about two frogs, who were drowning in a bowl of milk. One died after few moments of movements, and other just didn’t give up and moved its limbs and whatever they call frog hands. Ah the paddling bedtime story – what sort of kids we raise by telling stories like these?

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