Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Bhutan's Construction Industry: Episode III : Manpower

Few years ago, when CDCL joined the race in construction industry, a lot of local contractors expressed their disgruntlement. What CDCL tried then was to deploy Bhutanese Manpower. They did bid upon few tenders and competed with us. Their overhead expenses seemed higher, hence they couldn’t quote as low as local contractors did. Someone had to start, for it was just a dream that we saw while we were awake, and we all knew it was but a dream which wasn't going to be possible. The journey for them must have been one of the most challenging ones, because you were not competing with any other competitor - you were competing with the cheapest and skillful labour force on the planet - the Indian Labourers. They have their own rich tradition, and they have their own stories for having their masterclass craftsmanship - not to forget few overpromising Jacks - sorry - overpromising Ram Dayals! 

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