Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Perhaps, one of our relationships with our own lords and gods, never surface up, because somewhere in between we tend to lose faith. Be it a young boy who immensely had prayed to go back to a happy family, or someone who had lost their loved ones, closure with your faith happens to be something very personal and devastating. Devastating, because it either blinds you with much more faith or it either makes you something different from the beginning. 

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Axiom of Ego

It gets me wondering at times when I come across folks who are so much arrogant for their college degrees and their designations. Not to forget, few high post folks who still bragged about their 12th Grade position or Marks (You only had 35 students then Mr. Dophu?).

Let me state that when someone does engineering, he studies some 48 subjects, does 24 practical laboratory subjects and writes one project (which in many cases aren't even worth for any journal publication). However, to have an ego after college is wrong upon various grounds, because, one doesn't know anything fully. A college degree just happens to be an attendance to a supper ball, whereby we tasted every pickle that we were served. Without actually knowing the main course. We don't become experts of anything, nor we really know how to run a site or how to completely complete a drawing or a work. We later learn to stitch everything together and come up with a rugged carpet out of waste. The first one is never the easy one and isn't the good one. We fear society and its age old stories of tainting an engineer for being corrupt, no matter whether one's road has pot holes or not. An engineer is always accused to be a corrupt being, like a contractor is presumed to have money plant. This doesn't speak about someone's character, however, it speaks about the mentality of how we have always behaved to rejections in our own lives or how our paths of envies and jealousies give us brushes to taint someone's image with our darkest colours of judgement. The will to be corrupt comes from within, it is not taught nor imposed, it is a choice.

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