Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Where to Work? How to Work?

Most of the secrets remain clandestine to a doer, and albeit it seems very abysmal to retain one's wisdom, most do it for the sake of not being perished and wiped out from the market. 

I understand that there are many graduates who are currently unemployed and now they have to face their monsters of insecurities. There will be moments whereby one will even doubt oneself over one's capacities and capabilities. I only have few things to say to them, believe in yourself and always try to learn a new skill, like Miyamato Mushashi said in his Book Of Five Rings: 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Upon Busy-Ness!

I look at the table, which doesn't belong to me, but is stacked upon with heaps of papers, papers that leap upwards as if they have ambitions to touch the ceilings. Now, that's too dramatic to write, what else could a person do, when he has read most of the dramatic books and watched dramatic movies all along - story from one amongst many who were fed mainstream junk all his life.  

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