Sunday, April 26, 2015

My dreams.

I was just wondering about our world history. You can't be a communist or Marxist unless you are under the shadow of red dragon, or else these blue men in stars will teach you lessons for having an idea different from them. Oh and don't have oil too. It got me thinking, even the democratic government behaves like a communist when one's to think about ideas, having them or not. And why the foundations of a democratic world be bestowed upon conglomerates? If only people didn't have greed. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

La Ama by Chador Wangmo.

If a man can't get laid, he is called names by his friends, be it men or women and insult him over his capability or question his manhood. We tend not to re-analyze but directly tend to judge over his sexuality, some of the sensitive cases we might even get sued in first world countries. 

Yes, in jeering upon for men who don't get laid or whose manhood is questioned from his teenager days, a man is challenged over his ego. He has more to prove to society than treat a woman well, or he simply forgets to treat a woman well because he has got more to prove and become a man by ill-treating a woman? I guess this is where, we all go wrong. Let men and women be treated equally, then only shall we not have problems of women being suppressed. 

Site Stories.

Do you want to hear a story? Let me tell you two, tu bhi kya yaad rakey ga, kis dildar key saath pala paara tha (you too shall remember what sort of kind hearted person you had met) :p . 

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