Friday, April 26, 2013

The Errors in Logic.

In whole of 2012, I only went to Thimphu for five times. I can claim 15 days of casual leave in a year, but I happened to claim only 3 and half days. Reason? As branded by some of my colleagues, I am sort of a workaholic. I don't know whether this is good or bad, but these days, the situation has slightly gotten out of control, too much of work does make a Jack dull that he forgets to flush his own digested nutrition.

Anyways, today I will write about my experience when I had once taken taxi to Thimphu. Now I am a fat man with broad shoulders so I requested the little monk to sit on the back seat, the monk had to be seated along with two elderly women from Punakha or Bajo itself. I have no idea and these days, accents are just the same for me, I cannot differentiate who is from where? So, we were in the taxi and I have to admit that travelling makes me more imaginative than shower, so I was working out ideas bout global peace and how efficiently I can execute certain items on site. This and that, and it is funny how you can't multiply and divide bigger numbers in your mind. Oops, my mind, I just lose tracks on numbers and carry overs.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Where were YOU?

Anybody who loved to smoke marijuana and listen to Pink Floyd would never be the same, especially after listening to the song: Coming back to life.

One of my friends once wrote, while she was standing on her balcony, the world was changing, perhaps someone as ordinary as you and I are is writing a great script to make a great movie while someone has started on his quest which will make a great movie tomorrow.

And just like that, where was I? Were there people missing me or were they simply wondering or were they simply not bothering, who knows feeling very comfortable that I am no more around? Truth be told, veil of ignorance does take away your important time especially while you think about your roll in society.

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