Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shuva Raj Neupane's Kaka's Ghaar

Couple of days back, My friend Shuva Raj Neupane asked me a favour. Shuva Raj is a bright student with CG of 8. He now will work for Reliance Power here in India. He is going to earn around 5 Lakhs per annum.

A week ago, Shuva Raj had to visit Kathmandu for one of his Uncles had passed away. While he returned from Nepal, he came with an assignment: to have DRAWINGS of his Kaka's Ghaar (Father's Brother's House.)

Now I am not even a first division student here in NIT Warangal, one of the top ten Engineering Colleges in India. And while I was asked this favour, it was some sort of honour for myself, and secondly I had to keep my friend's pride for his relatives had high hopes on him. So there we were, planning two storeyed house. But, as any Engineer would say, first we have to do the calculations on how much of steel to be used? How many steel rods to be bent? The precise shape? The loading of the building? The foundation, manpower required, the cost estimation etc. And tell you the fact, not a one day job. But, inspite of knowing these things, my friend smiled at me and told, he had told his uncle all these things and yet, his uncle didn't listen. You see in Kathmandu I guess, they build houses on the confidence of Contractors, which I presume is not a sound idea and not surly a sound idea to be put onto action. Anyways, our jobs were just to give the plans and Elevations for the building. So, it took me 12 hours to prepare these stuff that I have prepared here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Your Own Fighter Plane With Your very Own Empty Cigarette Pack After Your Very Own Last Cigarette.

Ever since the verdict has been out, I guess not much people in Thimphu will be fortunate to attract ladies in social gatherings with this trick. However, this goes to those who are chain smokers and always find it hard to decompose your empty packets. My favourite is Glodflake-Kings. Cost Rs. 50/- here in India. 

This is not my original Idea and I learned it online. Some dude had done this. Hats off to him, that today you guys will learn something creative too. 

Things required:
1. Finish off your last stick
2. Get yourself a paper cutter. Sharp one
3. Get a pen which is circular. Cello Gipper is not going to work unless you use the refill tube. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

3D Model of My hostel: International Students' Hall of Residence (ISH or DASA BLOCK)

I made a three dimensional model of my hostel. Below I have uploaded the pictures and I have given a link. You click on it, you will visit my model in 3D Warehouse. 3D warehouse is meant for uploading your models and you can download models of any famous structure.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Before, you carry on with your reading, I would like to inform you that, it is a very very long article and these are my opinions and since am no English Student, the lines will be rusty for those who are good in English.


I believe that everybody has some ideas in their minds that they would cherish and endorse.
An idea is something that nobody can take from you and once you start believing in it firmly, they become like engravings on rocks. Even if you want to change the way you think, it surely takes time just like rocks getting fragmented due to acid rain.
To definition, they have categorized a simple word idea to many types.
Let me share two here.
Adventitious and Innate.
Innate idea is the one which you are born with.
Adventitious idea is something that you learn through your experience.

The brain is a commodity used to fertilize ideas. ~Elbert Hubbard

The only defect with your mind is that it is a cloning base; for one forms his ideas from others and others can make you think what they want you to think which most often takes place without you knowing that the whole time you had been manipulated.

But, then again, I just can’t tell you that someone can manipulate you, because, whether to have an idea in your mind, depends upon you. Yes, people will offer their ideas, but it depends on oneself to whether or not to be influenced by others, cherish that idea and you know, endorse.

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