Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dysphemism it is.

I believe I am a passionate writer. Henceforth, I never edit what I have written and I usually don't read what I have written. What I write, I just post it. And if I think of writing about a topic, I just write. If I just let a particular topic slip out, I simply don't find myself writing on another of the topics. You see, it is just like that addiction towards nicotine. I won't be smoking the another butt while I haven't gotten the kick from the first one. But eventually, I land up getting it from the first one that second one comes naturally.

Let’s use euphemism for dysphemism. Well, there are three types of people in general, let’s say four, but then again, if I really make it very much tribal, Tamang people don’t fit along anywhere, and only the learned guys argue over our existence, whether we being Tibetan tribes or some Indo-Burmo or Tibeto-Burmo or the stables of Genghis Khan?