Tuesday, January 21, 2014

House Rents and Tenants: The other side of Bajo Town.

Bajo town, consist of roughly 131 buildings, and I presume from the things that I have heard, these were the buildings that would come under some Town Planning done by the Government in order to build a better township. A planned town or city is a very new thing in our society, and many have criticized Bajo for being Ugly ass town. Well, you asked for a planned town, this is how it would look, if you hadn't given one Consultant to photocopy the very same drawings eh. The town is planned well, Urban planners did a good job, but the individual buildings just got messed up. See, little things where you don't put your passion and khemey si attitude would build up an eye sore for few who would never step in the town, just wave by from the other side of Wangdue Thimphu high way. But what is done is done. And we can't use big excavators to demolish the old town and create a new one, just to avoid it from being an eye sore. Not all of us share the visions of Nero.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Less understanding, bigger egos?

Most often between the noises of jet engines, earth moving equipments and people shouting to do the job, I wonder our existence. If god was really there and he did create us, was this the sole purpose of us being alive: To earn, feed oneself and represent oneself in society with intellectual mind and an affordable comfortable life?