Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Case Of Little Penjor

This work is fiction and any resemblance of this story to real life or real people is not intentional and I shall not be charged for that. Anyways, didn't read this one too after writing. So don't mind with my typos and grammatical errors.

It was chilly night, his parents fought again and this time, it was major. Three days later, he wanted to release himself from his sorrows and he wanted to do, the thing, thing that made him always liberated. But his conscience said that this only brought miseries to other people! No! I have to do it. He said to himself and ran away from home. His parents paid less attention to him. Usually happens when parents have their own fucked up issues and kids are not anymore their priorities.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guys at Car Wash

The first time I went there for servicing, I had to wait for three hours straight. There was a boy who was elder than me. He was 23 years old and I still haven't gotten his name. He just seemed to be so disorganized and smoked cigarettes like I did. But there was something he did which I could never do, again. He was sniffing dendrite, yes, the hallucination that he requires to escape from his inferno of cold chilly water. Time and again he disappeared from the site and came back with a lot of more smiles with widening lips.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Troubled teen

This is a work of fiction. And I write this article out of my utmost imagination just to reflect on today's generation. Because believe it or not!  Present generation is having tough times than any other generation. Because good olden days people didn't have cars but they walked and working was something hard to do. Technology was their answer! But today's generation has to face more than that.

This is the work of fiction and I don't intent to cause any remorse or fury to my readers. Just some realization on where we are actually going wrong. But do believe that this is one hell of a sick writing that I am doing on my blog for the first time. And if anybody takes this article too personally or too inspirational in a wrong way, I don't take the blame. I am not responsible in that case. I however write this to show that people around should really stop infidelity and go homes, to their kids and spouses. Because, I have seen too much of these, lately. Enjoy reading. And this is a spontaneous writing. So The moment I stop, I won't look back at it. If you find any grammatical mistakes and typos, please forgive me.