Monday, November 8, 2021

Gaur and its Irony.

 Gaur, was recently sighted in Naro Gewog, Thimphu. Naro happens to be above 4000 meters from sea level. 

Gaur is Indian Bison, which looks like buffalo. In fact, as Wikipedia enlightens, The Sanskrit word gaur-mriga means a kind of water buffalo

Now, there is a folk tale in Bhutan about Yak and Buffaloes, that there were two friends who wanted to travel for salt - during those days, salt was a product from Tibet. 

The buffalo gave all his furs to Yak, who in turn had to go to the cold mountains of Tibet and come back. However, Yak, being a dick, did not come back. Hence, it is said that buffaloes look towards northern region, expecting his friend to be back, while being deprived of what once he possessed, furs. 

Now, furs are important, even human beings have it at places, which cannot be extremely cold and has purposes of safeguarding the scared holes, eyes I mean.  Why do we have armpit hair? Well, isn’t it, warmer there? 

Now that Gaur has made to the cooler place, will Yaks be answerable to the reasons for abstaining to visit his friend? Will the yak return his furs?

Folks are saying that it is an event of global warming, but I beg to differ. Guars are 21,000 in whole of world, and we have roughly 31,000 civil servants.

Yes, Gaur is here to help you teach a lesson, with stories – if I can climb 4000 meters above, why cannot you work for an extra hour. It also speaks about Gaur trying to get even, that what was once borrowed, should be returned. It speaks about responsibilities and accountability. Because, whether you like it or not, we ought to accept, that many times, our civil servants had been like yaks. Getting holidays on snowy days, in some regions they did not have to work for months and of all the similarities, they did not return the furs, which they did not have to pay for. Yes, many times, without accountability, they evaded from their blunders and often made the other parties pay.

One should be a contractor to understand how one has to compensate for events which he or she did not sign up for.

So, will the yaks be more responsible, or will the yaks await for snow to melt?


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  1. Punch after punch... You are crazy.
    Lesson it's trying to teach to civil servants about working extra mile is the best, ha ha ba


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