Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Quest

“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all.”

― Michelangelo Buonarroti

Let's talk about Architect, yes, the person who if he attends a party, might be a charmer and will be surrounded by all those folks. Beside him, a person with spectacles with bald head, whom you might mistake for an accountant might be his engineer. 

Now, the thing about architect is he needs to be good at imagination, an engineer should be someone who sees his imagination and both of them should work together and make a structure beautiful and durable. 

Over the years, a lot many folks thought these jobs of Architects and Engineers lucrative and didn't hesitate for a while and sent their kids, nephews and everybody they knew who were younger to them, to pursue these professions. Now, we have some 400 plus civil engineers in market, who struggle to find a job and retain one. I will let you know why retaining is as harder as getting one. 

The reason, why Bhutan hasn't seen many Architects who were as creative as other Architects of the world, must have been that Maths topper had to take architecture to study. Yes, that's because becoming astronaut isn't served as a scholarship. However, now that we have a lot many architects, who were good with math but were expected better to be with sketches, art, creativity and anything extraordinary. 

So, here we have a lot of young adults who still need 10 years or so, to actually understand what they have really agreed upon for their lives. 

I am pretty sure, that the young kids out of their colleges, might find their heroes locally while they see a consultant architect or an owner, and try to reflect themselves as their images in coming decades. I pray that the housing industry still continues to burn our stoves.

What I reckon that these young adults might not see would be the journeys of these so called successful architects of today. Yes, like a metaphor of the pornographic movies that superstars do while they try to pay their bills. 

It is in their journeys, and I presume, journeys of any body with their own professions, the ones who have sacrificed the most, have learned the most. For, you will only know the rates of vegetables, if you visit the vegetable market. 

With this sermonizing mumble-jumble, I end my quest of writing - 

Yours Journeys will be difficult, 
Your Life won't be easy, 
You will need to fight for yourself, 
You will need to change yourself,
You will need to compromise, 
You will need to learn new things,
You will need to forget some of the things, 
and You will need to do so many things that are much newer to you - things which you have imagined or thought of never doing - 

And all these will be worth - if you are chasing for something out there.

Hence, I hope, you all enjoy your journeys, your quests. 


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