Thursday, September 19, 2019

Getting into research

When venturing into in-depth research about any topic, I realised of some of  qualities that I would need. Here is my list.
  1. Honesty
This is my favourite real life word. I see that research doesn't belong to people who nod their head  and smile a yes. That is what defines good kids, or not. I liked to agree to avoid discussion and just do the work. I  did not realise how much I would lose if I am not honest with myself. This would do more harm than anything else. Being honest and willing to discuss about what you do not know or understand is crucial. 

2.Wanting to write it down and talk about it

This is not as complex as it sounds. I mean you tell what  you want to do and write it down. At workplace this is called a protocol. It was  a bad timing of course, I did not realise I was less curious because I was set to follow an existing protocol rather than creating one. I often do not see myself excelling at this by having a self imposed notion that good planners are bad implementers. I need to get rid of this.

3. Wanting to understand the topic better 

In order to achieve this, I need to be curious about the topic. I can only get this as I read more.

4. Asking questions to yourself and others

After I have directed my thoughts from the above three, I need to frame my questions. The language and tone of questions are important to me. Also, jumping to conclusion is boring, to me and to the person who dedicated big number of hours for their work. I truly believe that questions asked with respect comes with more explanation than those that come as defence and justification.

Also I always had this question, there are more than thousands fonts but why do we use Times New Roman, Calbri or Ariel- so I changed it for fun.

Disclaimer : The author of this post, is my wife Lila. She is co-author of my blog. 

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