Saturday, May 25, 2019

How Corruption will cripple us! : Part I

Now I am not an A+ class of citizen, I have my own shortfalls and at times, I have failed miserably in my duties, and at times, these failures have had greater impact upon my life. 

Today, as our nation embraces to fight and eradicate corruption, I however join to figure out or jot down some of the things that have been bothering me for ages. My claims are not based upon data, but I however feel that those with conscience would feel guilty upon their doings and those who don't have conscience, they would wish to crucify me or try to doom me.

Let's first start with our policy of development. We aspire to be a GNH nation, which is a profound philosophy and I support this very much. I however, don't support the so called dimwits who tend to behave like elites and exploit their positions because they can, for they have been warming their butts upon higher chairs. I am talking about those parents who were in influential positions and who didn't announce better scholarship slots to public and yet sent their relatives or their under performing children to these world renowned colleges. Some of their children could barely survive and some of them just had to quit. Every generation of scholarship holder from middle class families would complain and like said by someone once, it continues: "it has happened, it is happening and it will happen". Now I don't have problem or even if I had, nothing would change. But how would this backfire? Well, as these kids come from influential families, what they are entitled to will be scholarships which we would never hear. In return after their graduation with average grades, they would come back home, of course they would. Because, despite they not having any bonds or even if they did, they won't secure any international jobs. So, when they come home, beaten by their grades, they are placed in capital. There are folks in every other organization with brand names of elite colleges and they screw up real bad. This causes havoc and chaos to everybody because they are not capable. And god bless the souls if they are doctors who are serving, because we all land up being guinea pigs for them. 

Had these seats been transparent, then some kid from poor background would have given his blood, flesh and sweat to clear these courses and who would know, they might have earned a good name for our country. But would the kids from influential families? How can someone value something when one cannot score an average score in our own board exams and go to Ivy Leagues? Or if someone gets better scholarships with better stipends and into the very colleges whereby some kid from Khaling whose both the parents were farmers, had to struggle for years and 18 hours of day to understand and read? 

These tales will always make us ponder and at times, will even go unseen and with age, it will make the hard working class very much frustrated. Why do you think that the literate ones with brains to score in IELTS are leaving our nation? They want to make difference upon their own lives, because they have had enough. Of course, they will be in position to build homes and buy properties, but will their children ever come back? How much are we losing in monetary terms when the talented ones of our nation are out there doing daily wage jobs? They could have come up with some smart policies or remedies, yet they chose to leave our nation. With this, I remember, an actual brain drain of our nation isn't folks leaving for adjacent nation or towards the subcontinent for blue or white collar jobs, but bright minds from the fields of engineering, literature, medicine, agriculture, economics, teaching, etc., leaving our nation to serve some other nation for minimum wage being higher. 

 I guess, today, I will stop here. This will be the very reason whereby we will lose our real talented people and their offspring, which might or might not be talented - yet we would lose them. I reckon, that in mere future, we will have tough time getting talented people in market. Because, whether you agree or not, a firm or an organisation or a nation progresses, if and only if, we have dedicated talented, self disciplined and organized folks in our team. And building this particular team would be very much tough.

My only suggestion would be, making these scholarships and trainings open to all and these slots not benefiting folks whose parents had upper say. I suggest that we have transparency at the highest level and punish the folks who misuse their authority : because, if and only if we fry bigger fishes, the little ones won't dare to act upon any circumstances, for they would know that the consequences would be the very same big frying pan, which could fry any fish in any amount.

Let's hope, that in mere future, the right ones with brains and talent get placed for the right opportunities. Because, if we give opportunities to those who don't have talent or skills, but just because their parents were Dzongdas, Directors, Chiefs or anybody with influential power, we are doing more harm to ourselves as a nation. Let the right candidates go, because they would formulate better paths for our future. 

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