Monday, May 27, 2019

A life led so far.

Most often I come at this juncture of my life whereby I try to think over: how did I lead my life so far?
At times, I am engulfed upon the defeats and failures of my life and as I succumb to the despairs of what life has offered, I often ponder. At times I rejoice for the things that I have.

With age, I don't know whether I have become wiser, but I can totally say that I have chosen to be more private and barely reveal what I feel or what I want to say. Perhaps, with the quest that we embark upon so called life and the labyrinths that we come across, it might as well be hard to define life fully.

Not many days ago, as we all thought of doing overtime, I asked a friend of mine to bring in some materials : he brought it and didn't want to be paid for. And another friend brought us meals and he too didn't want to be paid. Then there were other friends who wanted to help and we all worked together. This isn't the first time that has happened, and in past as well, there were many well wishers and folks who reached out to help.

At times, I am told that some folks exploit one other and at times, yes, we do get exploited. With time, I have realized that exploiting someone is a very short term goal. It's like you are exploited for 20 bucks, but the person who exploits you doesn't account for the fact that together you can do greater things and there would be many hours, minutes, days or events whereby together, we could have done more - besides, more than money, a life time's companionship and friendship gets overlooked. A lot of folks don't realize how important friendship is. Then there are folks who tend to think that they can outsmart everybody, which in fact, at times, I find very stupid. Like someone said, if a person can't speak in English, know that he knows other languages. With time, I have come to realize that everybody has a special set of skills. Not everybody gets paid for their skills, but we need to appreciate, respect and value their skills. Because, a person may not be good with numbers, but he can be a good orator and a person might be introvert, but he or she could program codes like no other and the list goes on. Many times, folks give excuses of their hard lives and why they would swindle or exploit others, but a person's true character is depicted when he has got nothing. Anybody can take advantage of anybody, whether he chooses the dark path or not, depicts the person he or she is.

I will not say that I have led a good life so far. I think I haven't even lived a healthy life, and I feel that I should do more. While I come across young folks who are so much energetic and full of passion, I get inspired by them. Some folks are so talented that I don't mind making them my mentors, despite they being young. There has always been a room to improve by looking at them. And I feel at times, that if we don't look at the younger ones and always get fixed looking upon the older ones, someday, we might as well get outdated from market.

With life led so far, I feel good to look back and think about all the wonderful souls I have come across. Of course, some were garbage, and it was a choice that some of us are not friends or just acquaintances because in order to improve in life, we have to say no to few folks. We can't save every drowning ship and change for betterment comes from within. I wonder who else will show up in my funeral, but by far, the life I have led, I just know, a few handful of people will surely show up or make their kids show up for Uncle Dawa. Together, we can do many things, I won't say it would be great, but it surely will be worth something. I don't know as of now, whether the direction that I have embarked upon happens to be the right one or not, but with my friends and people I know, the move won't be as hard as I thought, especially if I had walked alone. Seldom do I think that life has given me enough reasons to be sad for, but somewhere, I have learned to accept that shit happens, and something beautiful of realization : that everything is worth something.

In madness of living life, somewhere, I realize, the life I led so far is beautiful. I hope, folks out there who are going through depression or grief find their motivation back to do things that they love and realize to live for, for there are many folks for whom you matter and realize that you are world to them. I thank my wonderful wife for supporting me and annoying me for all these days. I thank my friends for always being there with their sarcasm and nothing good to say about - but being there when I really needed them. I have many friends whom I can call at 3:00 am in the morning and talk about work, philosophies, politics, etc. Yes, of course, they would be bit annoyed but there are few who love talking around that hours as well, something is weird with Phub Tshering lol. I thank my family for their concern and support, most of all their beliefs upon me. I thank every mentor that I have come across, who always inspired and made me to aspire for more. I even want to thank those folks who were mean and selfish, you guys taught me what not to become in life. And in the end, I thank Rahul Gandhi as well, for you too taught me that no matter what the world tells you, even if they are right, a Papu can mature someday. I thank Jackson Drukpa also, because no matter how many times the world chooses to laugh upon you, you should never lose your focus. Lastly, I thank some guy who will upload Avengers Endgame in HD someday, and thank all the folks who have watched it and hasn't spoiled it for me. I thank my brain also for understanding.

We might not be legends or might not leave a legacy behind, but while we are alive, it matters how many friends we made and how we helped others. Because, in the long run, what really is important is how you changed their lives and how they changed yours. Cliché. Bleh! 

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  1. And I thank you for keep updating your blog with so many of your thoughts and works! I enjoyed reading it very much!!! :)