Thursday, March 14, 2019

Blowing in the wind: I remember living in the woods.

There was a time, when we lived in a house that was made out of woods, and it had stream next to it. It was near the ridges and not too far from there, a takin zoo was located.

I remember living in the woods, 
When the wind tried to talk, 
Tried to pass some message, 
Which I could never decipher.

I remember living in the woods, 
When some Nadik and Sherpem Sherpa talked on radio, 
I would never miss the songs and I would read, 
Which turned me into loner. 

I remember living in the woods, 
To see our landlord built alters, 
And house which was three storied made out of wooden battens. 

I remember living in the woods, 
When it was cold and warm, 
While I laid back upon the fallen needled leaves, 
And played with cones.
I remember living in the woods, 
When I would read under the trees, 
And saw young people of my age come for dates, 
I don't know why they too were in the woods - nah, I do know. 

I remember living in the woods,
Contemplating everything about life, 
Taking strolls amongst the then highest point then, 
Watching the city from far away, 
Sometimes meeting Ministers and sometimes seeing the King, 
And resuming observing the city, 
Wishing to grow older, 
Wishing to fly away, 
At times, sipping tea became luxurious then, 
And I remember walking amongst the woods, 
Smelling and cherishing the raw smell of mud and earth, 
Listening to streams sing, 
Sleeping under the trees, 
Getting lost at the sight of sun rays, 
Wishing it won't rain that day, 
Fearing how I would fight a bear, 
At times, walking without a footwear, 
And I didn't have to explain it to anybody, 
Where I was or what I did? 
I was happy then, with not much happening in life.
And when I saw that house again,
How I wished to go back to living in the woods. 

At least, I do.

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  1. This is the lowest form of insult and abuse to a person who is in a relationship with you. You cannot be selfishly and proudly a loner and neglect the other person. Such people should not be in any kind of relationship in the first place