Sunday, January 20, 2019

Handwritings Matter?

When I was a kid, one of my Dzongkha Lopens, would throw his tantrums at us, like we were his children and didn't make it out of his basement for four decades. He would at times stop teaching and would challenge us over who could break Whole Bhutan Record in his language. His means and methods were something, that I disliked till date and perhaps, that was one of the many reasons which a Dzongkha Lopen would give to his students: to hate his own subject. Perhaps, that is why, I was never interested in learning more Dzongkha - what a bummer it is now and how it haunts me when I have to do official works at times. 

All said, that particular Dzongkha Lopen once said something, which was so truthful that even after 1.5 decade down the line, I appreciate him for that. He said, "if you want to develop your handwriting, it is now at this age and time, when you are in ninth and tenth grade". I would practice then, to improve my handwriting. 

And as I was a young part time painter for banners, I would study alphabets, fonts and calligraphy. Back then, no matter how hard I tried, I would never get calligraphy pens. When I did, it would be cheaper ones which could only make gothic fonts easier. But to have nibs which were flexible and to have cursive flows, I would had to wait for another ten years. 

Now, I don't consider my handwriting to be the best in the world, neither do I think that I am a master in calligraphy. Calligraphy too, happens to be one of my many hobbies and at times, when I am too stressed, I just take out my nibs and start doodling. Perhaps, these are the most expensive doodling I have ever done, for the nibs and ink don't come easy. With time, I have improved a bit, but I am yet to find my own style. Calligraphy makes me patient, calm and focused. And I don't mind writing the same paragraph time and again.

But why do I think that handwriting is important is that, it is something that differentiates an educated from literate. I mean, it has its own class and it depicts that one has tamed his hand and fingers to have some sort of coordination to write something that is beautiful. I have observed that most often, people who have good handwriting are artistic and creative. These are the people who are not forgetful, observant and pays attention to details. Besides, I reckon a person with better handwriting has more patience. Of course, if you are an officer and your handwriting seems like some scribbles made out of chicken claws/feet or paws - will the clerks and subordinates take you seriously if they have better handwriting? Besides, why be a clown and receive insults over a matter which you can control? 

I hope, someday, as we advance into the world of technology, few people out there, still maintain their handwritings and keep the art of calligraphy intact. Besides, graphology suggests that a person who forgets his dots on 'i' or 'j', is very much absent minded. So, let the force be with you, and let your handwritings speak about your personality - for the better. 

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