Monday, October 15, 2018

When Life Can't Offer much?

I was curious about Ronaldinho, and I just got curious, unlike all the idols we had in football, why this man, who especially was way too talented than the rest of the players, didn't gain fame. 

Perhaps, he did gain fame, and I was lucky to be born in that era, whereby I at least saw him play live on TV. But my nine year old brother never heard of him and aspires to be more of the other Ronaldo. When I asked him about Ronaldinho, firstly he had hard time pronouncing his name and I was disappointed, because he is such a fan of youtube. Then I asked him about Beckham, and he said he didn't know him either.

So, when I shared to my friend how Ronaldinho never made enough of history to be remembered, he told me that he was too young to achieve too much that even the world of football didn't have anything to offer him. Because he, at the age of 26 had Champion's League, La Liga, Ballon d'Or and of course World Cup. Even Messi and the other Ronaldo doesn't have had won it. Good bye Ballack and Ozil, the Germans whom I once adored a lot. Sorry Drogba, perhaps football surely is a game of team. 

Then I looked around and looked at my friends. Of course another friend told me that Ronaldinho was the only player who got standing ovation from his opponent team's fans. When I saw people around me, I always felt that everybody was wasting time and energy, and I realized how wrong I was to judge them for being sunflowers in their lives because like sunflowers they weren't focused. But then again, sunflowers are interesting because sunflowers how much ever they are treated as unfocused and not loyal (Bhutanese Contest), they only face towards the direction of Sun. Perhaps, either Bhutanese were wrong to defame sunflower for changing directions or Bhutanese didn't see Sunflower's commitment. 

In the end, I am just confused. Are our folks just not too focused or haven't they not fixed their ambitions in their lives. Perhaps, who am I to think for them? Anthropology was a subject, someone should have told me long time back, so that I would have opted for the same. But, in all these years, the very purpose of opening a blog has been always intriguing. Because, all my life, I have really tried to know people on surface and pass judgment, and it seems right at times. How a tribe behaves or how a particular person behaves is not inevitable, but going deeper is more addictive. Knowing a person in deep is just too confusing, because it is just like knowing yourself - even you don't know what you really are capable of.

So, it gets me thinking. What is it like to be out there, when life can't offer you much. Like what is it like to live beyond the edges, beyond some fixed principles. Perhaps, Buddha was one tricky master for Nirvana happens to the paradise that no man can achieve - even Dalai Lama has attachment towards Tibet - no impermanence theory applied there. 

And for folks like us, who are interested to read, we get bored with normal beings and everything and anything after a given span of time, we just wonder - what has world got to offer us? Perhaps, when life really doesn't have much to offer us, we get too bored that we seek for illusions. Maybe, Ronaldinho was young, but he too was too confused and of course it is true that the world of football didn't have much to offer him. Perhaps, while he wanted to play football with Aliens, all he got was mere humans to play with, who couldn't even understand his game - who didn't see the loop holes like he did - perhaps, that is the very sole reason he got bored and didn't want to play much and lost his focus. And perhaps that was his downfall, because what I have known till date is this: that if you don't fit in, no matter how smart you are or talented you are - if you supersede the normal herds, they will either want you to be normal or they just will crucify you upon the crosses of stigma and dogma. Perhaps, that is what happens with the talented ones and why most of them get depressed ( most of the brilliant folks I knew since High School are either loners or had gone through depression ). 

Perhaps, I am not a wise person, but after living some three decades, I have learned and realized to fit in. I today understand that even though it is not our thing to dance, whether the music is of our choice or not, we just need to dance or just pretend to dance. Because, if we don't do so, then we won't exist as the ones who dance or who think that they do know how to dance, have their own idols and if someone no matter how much he knows or thinks that he knows the world will be proven that he is a lunatic. And it would just be way too wrong to think that life can't offer much. Because the illusion is to believe that life really has much to offer, not that you know it, but just that there are way too many people who belief upon so many things. So you become something that you don't want to, because for them you are something that they could never become, even though they tried and gave their 100%. 

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