Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Job Done Well?

I have now worked in various organizations, and in these years, I have learned one thing: the only thing that matters, is your reputation.

Reputation, Yes! That's all what it takes, that's all that defines you as an Engineer, Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, etc., 

It's Eid, and I miss those days, when I would bunk classes and go to Imam's place to eat beef. We would then loiter around cheap streets of Hanamkonda, and for no reason, I am taken back to the lanes which were too busy with everybody honking. It's like, the most efficiently used machine on Indian roads were horns or cycle bells. It's like a second national language of India. Nobody would know what these sound would convey the messages, whether one was asking for side or one was thanking others - but everybody has accepted the sound of honking. It's very offensive in Bhutan, and on the other hand, it's a part of life in India - it's equivalent to air that you breath down there. I do remember the roads with plying vehicles and of course, plying newspapers in air. My god, why the newspapers? Perhaps, not only the news are garbage down there, it's the papers as well? 

It's Eid, and many of our construction labour will go home. With smiles in their faces, to meet their families and lovers whom they might have wooed or secretly admired, they all wish to be at their homes at the earliest. This is the time, the period of the year, whereby many contractors will be pressurized for money. 

My grandfather was a supervisor with DoR for many years, perhaps some four or five decades. He was known as lajab eklay buro. Lajab meaning supervisor, eklay meaning alone because nobody from his tribe existed in our village and buro meaning old man. He would look after the road works till he retired. When he did, he would not cease to be a lajab. He would get stressed and worried about labour payment, and would mumble that if he won't be present at site, how would his boys take money to their homes? They had families, he would say. 

Today, when I work from Contractor's side, I too feel the same. It's Eid, so many people are excited to go home and send money home, and we need to work late hours, matching their bills so that they can go home. Not only me, I am sure, there will be hundreds of people across Bhutan, who will be working for the same. 

As I sit on my chair and work, a labour walks in and wishes for Eid. He then seeks permission to leave and promises to meet after a week. Then comes another one, and then another one and it goes on. It is in this moment, I just realize, I must have done my job well. Perhaps, it was worth to take stress over, for it isn't a single family that one is accountable for, it's 52 other families who will never know who you were or are, but will be happy this Eid to see their husbands, sons, brothers, son-in-laws, fathers, etc., A job well done, everybody would think tomorrow, Eid Mubarak. I hope, all the people in the world will spare some food to feed the poor, and I hope, it is celebrated in favor of poor and the world learns to serve the poor more. Not some short cocky actor, who releases his movies on this festival to mooch more money. I just hope, someday, we humans learn to care for one another, not just think about making money for oneself. 

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  1. Dawa someday we will celebrate Eid together....!! Thank you My bestie.... Eid Mubarak...!! :)