Saturday, June 2, 2018

Coming in Terms with your Past.

Few months ago, me and my friend were just at the balcony, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Five years ago, when I would tell him that everything would pass, he would simply cling upon his heart break. 

It didn't take him five years though, some three years down the line, he had gone through a lot and he got married to a wonderful woman, got a kid and has started making good money. I questioned him comparing his past life to today's, and asked him had he ever thought that his life would have turned this way? 

He laughed and commented, said that he had wasted all the time and energy upon things which simply didn't matter now. 

We all are like him, and no matter how tough life gets, we always move forward, no matter whether it is in our favor. 

The heart of yours that is broken now, will mend in coming years. The memories that bothers you now, will be forgotten in coming years. Even if you don't forget, you will learn to live past it, coming in terms with it, that yes, it happened, that the scars were true, but it won't harm you as much as it does now. Because, be it anything in nature, it is splendid and beautiful for everything is susceptible to changes - be it by external or internal force. Not many embraces change, but, change is a huge blanket that loiters above, and it is matter of time how change envelopes us. We might fight change, but we just succumb to it knowingly or unknowingly.

What you went through, what you are going through and how you are going through doesn't define you. How much you are depressed, heartbroken, angry, petrified, remorseful, repentant,  resentful, miserable or HOWREY, doesn't really define you - what defines you is how you move forward in life, how you take up challenges and how you face your life. Nobody will say that life is fair, or nobody out there will tell you that they were never sad - it is just part of living. 

Hence, no matter how bigger your monsters are, how much messed up your skeletons in your closets are - you have to come in terms with your past. Not because those things don't matter to you anymore, but because, to remind yourself that it happened and it is okay to accept your past, and move forward. The goal never was to be happy all the time, it always was, not to be sad - always! 

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