Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Housing Rent and Civil Servant's Pay Hike

Last time when the new government was formed, and they played black jack with the civil servants and their hike in salaries, there was a bit of tussle which the house owners as usual had won. 

So this goes a bit of a questioning something: we don't know that we know that we should know? Addressing the elephant that will be in our living rooms in coming days, the hike that might be there for the civil servants. With upcoming election and one of the many cards which the politicians will have in their manifestos, PAY HIKE!

There is no doubt not to play this trump card by the politicians, for the people of Bhutan, because which-so-ever party wins in the upcoming election, there will be a pay hike - because the genie in the bottle this time would be - Tala Hydroelectric Project, clearing off its last installment of loan. Congratulations to every iBhutanese, 1020 MW will be loan free after some 12 years of its commissioning. 

If, Tala's last installment is cleared, there will be certain pay hike for the civil servants, and there will be house owners with their forks and knives pointing towards their tenants. So, the question here is, by how much? By how much will there be raise in the salaries of Civil Servants, and by how much or how many teeth should the house owners be sharpening? 

The last time, when I faced such situation, my then house owner had increased the house rent by 2500, by some 26%, and the reason for doing so was clearly mentioned in their letter : PHPA staffs were going to get some % of pay hike.

This not only went against the Tenancy Act, but went against the principles of being gentle folks. A question here arises, how much does the Tenancy Act actually favor the tenants? Give or take, the bait is two months' house rent, and that is something we all land up paying before we enter the house as security deposit. Getting a good house owner is something that is linked with your Karma and so is getting a good tenant. At times, some tenants just create havoc and destroy other man's property like they have owned an apartment in exchange of little rents they pay. While I understand the they have to pay loans for the houses they have built, without any prior consultation with engineers - well almost all the houses are - the construction voyage begins with Thekadars being the captains and making house owners bleed to loss - which again, they know that they should have known, but they won't know.

So, how many times have we met with owners who have actually stuck with their principles and abiding the Tenancy Act, whereby they only increase the rent in every two years, that too, ceiling being 10%? It's like if a house owner knows that there are three people earning in the family, they just want to increase the rent because yes, of course, it is house owner's business if there's more money in the rented apartment?

I don't know when it would be declared to the public and when it will be notified to the civil servants about the pay hike, which few of the civil servants don't even want - because they know a bigger hole in their pockets will be formed for house rents - a leaking hole in a pot! But, what I can guess, is that, a lot of politicians will claim that they will raise the salaries, and a lot of house owners have already been planning to increase the rents. And in all this, I just hope, that folks in corporations and in private sectors start searching for houses and homes, which wouldn't suck their blood - because at times, I sort of feel, that it isn't the fuel price hike that deters our economy, it is the greed of many house owners - and at times, in a very funny way, we find it as a coincidence, that most policy makers of our nation are not tenants but house owners.

Ps: I don't mean harm to anybody, and I apologize if the post hurts many house owners out there, but, it's just an opinion.  


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  2. I don't regret saying that your write ups will be filled with marriage rants immediately after the ceremony.that did a lot of prevention.I am afraid if we ever have to look for house again the owner will tell you the same 😜😜😜

    1. Haa haa.. I am now in this phase, whereby I just want to write :) Whether it sounds like a rant or rave lol