Saturday, May 26, 2018

Chocolates : Business Idea

Some three years ago, I was studying about molding and casting, it began with genuine interest upon concrete blocks, as I badly wanted to come up with my own paver blocks and bricks. I still cling on the dream and someday, when I have sufficient amount of money, I will do it. Just that the funding required right now is very massive, and the mix design for it being something very new in the market. It is hard to convince people to make them invest upon your idea, while all you have got is your data and an idea, and the investors just shrug away from you because they are too scared that it is something new. I don't blame the investors, even if I were one, I too wouldn't have easily invested.

So, there I was browsing and studying about making molds and casting. And I just had to bump upon a shop, because I was asked to buy some chocolates. Then I saw, Cadbury Silk, which then started to come into bubbly form. I however thought, what a super genius idea to sell air to people!

It struck me then, that I could do a better job in making chocolates. It started with a joke in my head and it stayed as a joke in my head for a while. I thought of writing a business proposal to Loden back then, but then again, I was too busy with my own works that writing a business proposal wasn't a definite thing to be done then.

So, after three years, I thought, let's try because nobody has tried. And I came up with the shapes of these chocolates.

If there is someone out there, who wants to invest on this idea please let me know.

The Last picture is an idea about the cover. I did write a proposal once, but I hadn't submitted my prototype and these pictures with the proposal. I thought, maybe, someone would just copy the idea. Today, I post everything here, because I really don't care, who copies the idea or not, I reckon, a true entrepreneur will do it by all means if he or she wants to.  

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