Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Who gets the credit?

Lately, I feel so lost in everything and I hope there won't be much words and feelings to comprehend anything. Henceforth, I have learned to feel nothing. Whether this is sadness or contentment, I seriously don't know what I am feeling. 

The other day, I looked at the blueprints of a Corporate Head Office. I was working in that firm then, when the Chief Architect of that particular firm had fixed the concept and did the final drafting. Today, I see some other random architect claiming the credits for 'designed' and 'drawn by'. So, I pondered about the essence of building anything.

When an Architect designs a house or a building, a thousand thoughts must have been thought in his mind. Most often, time and again, he designs and redesigns where certain rooms would be placed - and so it goes on. From his table, it goes to Engineers' tables, whereby other sets of drawings and estimation is done. Then comes your owner or contractor with his labour contractor and the entire process of procuring to building according to one's time line. So, eventually, when the building is done, I don't know who deserves the credit? Who should be given appreciation?

Like said, it takes a village to raise a child, so does a building - or anything in life. At times, when one goes through bad or hard times, one is angry with everything and anything - we tend to blame oneself or the other and try to analyze how or why or when we reached at this juncture of our lives - we either hate ourselves for it or we tend to hate others. But, who should get the credit in this as well? I think, maybe, maybe the circumstances will always be there - we just need to accept and swallow the truth - like a heap of bitter cow dung down one's throat. Perhaps, that is one of the ways, or the only way to move ahead in our lives - perhaps, that is what living has to be defined as - no matter how much the circumstances proliferates against us. And nobody gets the credit for a building, nor for raising a child - because it takes a village to build one & raise one. No man can claim that he build a monument, for it is not a man that takes to build a monument. 

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  1. Dude relax...!! If you are satisfied with your work...!! Be happy...!! Let the fools take credit for the work..!! We know you are the best...!! Just be happy and satisfied...!!