Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Social Media Star.

Most often, I have wondered why is it that we humans crave for attention and approval from everybody? At times the circle of juries that we want to be addressed and appreciated by increases and at times it decreases. 

A decade ago, Mark was in his dorm busy writing better codes for facebook and today, we have almost everybody beg attention and battle upon to act as the smartest person on the planet - the smartest that has walked on the face of planet - the smartest that has swiped their thumbs upon mobile screens?

A decade down the line, I somehow find it disgusting and appealing at the same time: to be popular on social media? A local star or a mediocre? It is hard to weigh down who is what? To some it has become a means of life, it has become that it is only here that they are accepted and they are appreciated. Some are story tellers - with their pictures and videos, with their words and some with their skins - a database that all are creating without knowing that somewhere some bastard mathematician can formulate a new theorem to decipher happiness or sadness - a Pandora's box being prepared as cutlet to the owners and policy makers of the world. 

There are many pages, which have many fan followers and I am pretty sure, that majority of us fall in this particular category - get up, grab our phones and fiddle with it. There was a time whereby we got up, looked at the ceilings, cursed how monotonous our lives were, laid there in our beds for a while, upon the warm claws of our mattresses and blankets, and headed our ways to toilets to excrete the unwanted. Good? Bad? Who am I to judge? 

Perhaps, at times I find that the social media stars are equivalent to the constellations in sky. We know who is where, and what their patterns mean - at times they go nuts and we see their flares like shooting stars - sometimes wishing upon them that they hadn't done so and so. At times, some of them try to act like the Northern Star, and tend-to-try-to guide us towards their motives, towards their agendas, towards their visions and towards their policies of making money. And aren't few of us still the sailors from medieval era? Well, at times, majority of them are the sailors and those few partially literate and educated - the captains of the ships on a voyage to self-doom or to doom others. What a melancholy to watch?  

I put myself into these shoes of mine, I imagine if we didn't have social media networks. Were we happy then? How did we function then? I recall lovers writing letters and shy women being wooed by brave men - if today was that day - many of us won't have landed up or bestowed ourselves with love stories. I remember family dinners being more of talking to each other - with television gone and no annoying news reporters reporting about some criminal acts or something that is always there - something that always goes out to speak that yes, we are in a messed up world. And I remember people making appointments and actually meeting without last minute cancellations. I remember us, not meddling upon others' issues and I remember the world not knowing when we lost our cool - at least the world didn't see the phony, self-centered, self-conceited, faking happiness us back then. It is just a matter of few clicks on 'like' and 'share' buttons, that makes one a social media star. And only a handful of these stars would actually understand contact-capital, the rest, are still battling - to pamper or not to pamper, to flatter or not to flatter oneself for those little moments, too little when the world crowns him as a star before they move on to some sad pathetic story or a funny kitty eating poop video. And still then, the competition still goes on - to be the social media star. 

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