Thursday, January 4, 2018

The World and Me.

There was a time, when I would get very much impetuous, I would get effected and affected by every little thing on news, perhaps too disturbed. There was a time I hated Obama for visiting Israel and not Palestine, I was in a train reading the Time Magazine, and throughout the journey I was so much affected by the hypocrisy of world politics. Didn't the Palestinians' have children? Didn't they have lives? There were many things that ran in my mind and there I laid sad and angry.

When I came back home, I would discuss my thoughts over anything and everything with my friends, colleagues and people I came across with. Some might have thought that I was a lunatic and some might have thought that I was just poking my nose over every matter, that I didn't have anything else good to do. With time, things changed and I guess I changed.

Over the years, I left reading newspapers and watching News on TV. It was a means to have my own peace and not to be disturbed. I tried to isolate myself from the world and I never munched on the garbage news nor would I care about what were going on anywhere. But in between, I would write here and there about most of the stupidest things mankind conducted.

With time gone, I just realized how far we as humans have come. How inconsiderate, conceited and selfish we have grown into. How corrupt we have become and how is it still okay? At times, when I am all alone, it gives me goose bumps over the nasty stuff the world is capable of. Some years ago, my wife once told me, that if she had known the things I had known, then she would be a sad person. I seriously don't know whether those were the reasons why one should be sad, but disturbing is all I could say.

Last year many objected and expressed their thoughts over Donald Trump and what the world had come to? I just found it funny and I still find it funny. The news have always remained just the same, some funny leader in some area of the world, people dying each day out of poverty, hunger, war, weather, terrorist attacks, and the list goes on. Somewhere in between a kid dying on the beach because they were running from war zone, and an orange man threating the world peace time and again, I really lost interest in world affairs.

So, next year when our own local potatoes will be much hyped up for politics, I couldn't care any lesser. Whether the horse or the bird or flower or some clown's finger wins, it won't make much difference in my life is what I feel. Whether they lose or win, I have always found and tried to find my own source of earning and it isn't that they would give free ice cream cans to the whole nation while they would win, would they? I mean, so much of budget will be gone in campaigning that it could actually change lives of so many people, yet they will throw over petrol, diesel, ponies, and pamphlets. Some god damn expensive papers it would be.

Where do I stand upon, with my relationship with the world? 'It has stopped to amuse me' is the phase, because I think I have cross passed that phase whereby someone can actually baffle me with his or her talents. I haven't come across many talented people lately, I am not surprised nor am I interested anymore. And when I come across someone who is corrupt, I am like, yeah he can be. Someone who is nice, I am like oh yes, he too can be nice. Then there are shrews and wicked souls, and I am like, Oh there, they too can exist. It's like there's no inspiration in anything that is left.

And of course, no news shall be entertained, no amount of crime or mistreatment, no amount of sugarcoating the lies and no amount of tricking us. It's just a normal day with normal world, if you just stand still and look around, you find it so abnormal. 

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