Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Where to Work? How to Work?

Most of the secrets remain clandestine to a doer, and albeit it seems very abysmal to retain one's wisdom, most do it for the sake of not being perished and wiped out from the market. 

I understand that there are many graduates who are currently unemployed and now they have to face their monsters of insecurities. There will be moments whereby one will even doubt oneself over one's capacities and capabilities. I only have few things to say to them, believe in yourself and always try to learn a new skill, like Miyamato Mushashi said in his Book Of Five Rings: 

Know the smallest things and the biggest things, the shallowest things and the deepest things. As if it were a straight road mapped out on the ground ... These things cannot be explained in detail. From one thing, know ten thousand things. When you attain the Way of strategy there will not be one thing you cannot see. You must study hard.

You can't rely upon one skill in today's era, you can't just say that you have graduated in so and so course and henceforth you look upon jobs which suits your qualification. What is qualification? A stamp on paper that you can only do one thing? It isn't. 

Now I have worked for many firms now, four to be precise in past seven years. If someone would look at my resume, they would either think that I am not a reliable guy or am just a wanderer who loves to roam around like a Ronin. I am not. 

Sometime in 2011, I enrolled myself with a local consultancy firm, with a pay cheque of a watchman, and I did do a watchman's job as well. At times I slept in office to meet deadlines, and it continued with other organizations as well, me working as partial watchman, not that I was slow but I always asked for what could be said: Bite more than one could chew. 

So, here's the thing about work, either government or corporate or private sector. One thing is same in all, you will meet people of same nature and same character. In government as well, you will meet lazy lousy bosses and it is just the same in all preceding sectors. So, my only advise to you would be simple: Follow the Boss and not the job. 

Yes, because in our initial stages of our careers, we need to sacrifice a lot and learn the trade. That stamp given to us by our colleges remain futile unless we prove ourselves, and our own worth. Seldom have many followed their hearts and believed upon themselves. 

And just like we meeting lousy lazy bosses in all the sectors, we do meet active and dynamic folks as our bosses. 

If one is to write civil service examination then most often, one thinks that he has won a trophy of his life and then what follows is more lethal, one then comes to a stage whereby one becomes so even and abate from their hopes, dreams and ambitions that thirty years down the line, you will only see him debiting his pension, TADA and little money he could make if he is corrupt. Seldom do men make changes when one enrolls with civil service, because most often one accepts the fact that civil service job is stable. 

In corporations as well, many don't aspire to excel beyond what their superiors have achieved. Whether one works or not, one will get his or her own salary, this mentality has not only plagued many organizations, but unknowingly they are awaiting for their doom in coming days when their carelessness will backfire upon them. 

In private sectors, one has to be very careful, when one selects a firm. Remember that it isn't you who wants the firm, it is just the other way around, but you need to be worthy to be employed. You can't just say that you are a graduate or qualified folk and then expect the world to kiss your feet. You can't expect a hype in your payroll unless you make someone money. And you can't start a firm, unless you have a budget for a startup. You need to update yourself time and again, and out here, in this sector, you just can't expect someone to pay you whether you work or not. 

In conclusion, I think I have observed enough to make a comment that wherever one goes, one just has to work hard. Be it Government, Corporate or Private sector. If one isn't working harder, or have the knack to improve, that's the end of it. Office politics and ass licking might take people to the top, be it in any of the sectors, but bullshit won't sustain oneself much longer, someday the curtains will unveil. Make sure you are not naked without any skills then. 

And please do choose a boss who is open to new ideas, irrespective of any organization one is in. One needs to think five or ten years down the line. Not someone who will exploit you and then take away all the credits of your work. Watch, observe and leave, you can always leave. 

At times the ride will be bumpy, that you may be left whether to choose: should I fill my gas or should I buy rice? But that's the pounding one has to take to make something out of oneself.

I wish you luck and I hope you will make something out of yourself. As long as you know your trade, you don't need to worry where to work.

So work wherever you want to, just make sure, how you work is beneficial to you - make sure you learn something inside out of that particular trade. And just like dots, it will all connect in the end when your time will come to be at a place where you deserve to be. Just don't succumb yourself into your own comfort zone, because being warm in your blankets in winter is a splendid idea, where nothing grows and nothing can be achieved. The world is for the turbulent souls. 

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