Monday, October 9, 2017

Upon Busy-Ness!

I look at the table, which doesn't belong to me, but is stacked upon with heaps of papers, papers that leap upwards as if they have ambitions to touch the ceilings. Now, that's too dramatic to write, what else could a person do, when he has read most of the dramatic books and watched dramatic movies all along - story from one amongst many who were fed mainstream junk all his life.  

With cups of coffee being emptied, with toilet flushed many times, reading documents here and there, typing: - it simply is hard to track time and catch hold of where the sun's location is. Perhaps, time for me was like a fist full of sand, which never stayed any longer, sipping away from the clutches of my fingers. Submissions to be done here and there, letters to be written here and there, rates to be searched, analyzed or guessed, and eventually, hoping, guessing and expecting that there were no other bidders who quoted lower than us or the ones who did - didn't qualify technically. 

How do you expect rich not to be richer and poor not to be poorer, if the best works require past year turnovers and experiences in similar kinds of works? It isn't an individual who is expected to have five years of experience, when he has just graduated. And when would we learn that 'experience' itself, for some is myth, that it takes zeal and passion to work and to complete a project. The hypocrisy that we have engulfed ourselves is quite funny. 

I have always been a busy chap, be it since my high school days. The extra efforts that I put in, to make assignments look better and the extra efforts that I put to complete assignments for ten other friends, with whom I had a simple deal - I completed their assignments and they had to buy me Nootan (Physics) text book which I would later sell off for few packets of cigarettes. 

College days weren't glorifying, but I always tried and managed to do my assignments, and somewhere in between trying to really learn and write something new, I gave myself into staying up late hours waiting for next few pages to be circulated - only to copy what the topper had passed to the second topper and hence, I got succumbed into this hierarchy of the world.

I envy people who risk upon everything and chase their dreams, dreams that they believed with their hungry souls and rugged attitude of optimism. Perhaps, these are the ones who will always change the world. And I get mesmerized over folks, who think that they could be the change and with limited wisdom, how they embark and march, painting the whole world into their colours of what they feel is sanity. Maybe, the world's notion of success is wrong, maybe the world remembers more of Steve Jobs rather than worshiping Steve Woznaik? Perhaps, the world praises more, pampers more and cheers more about the flights of a Managing Director than praising the entire team below him? And what is world but a definition by a man to sooth his mind? Sometimes I feel that everybody's busy lying to each other, trying to outsmart each other. The religious priests trying to mock and intimidate the followers for being ignorant and teaching them their paths, upon which they exploit their followers. Why does everybody think that they can actually exploit people all the time and get away with it? Why do people only think for short term? Why do they think that things don't change and people will remain the same? That the suppressed will be suppressed all the time? Why do people think that they can be rich easily, without any hard work?

Beyond those smell of coffee vapours, somewhere between those heaps of papers, I come back to reality, and look outside the window. I miss those birds annoyingly chirping, perhaps the parking lots have become bigger now when one has built a house next to a government land, maybe there are too many buildings around, maybe everybody's been able to afford vehicles. As I complete this job, I realize my journey till date.

The world still needs more of Steve Woznaiks & Nikola Teslas, anybody can manage folks by threatening them - it's the wise-men who know the art to keep the right-men at right-place and time.  

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