Monday, August 21, 2017

We are amazing.

If it were just three years ago, and if I had to face all the situations that I am facing right now, trust me, I won't be alive. 

I won't call it maturity nor would I call it experience, but somewhere in between, I think I out grew all these troubles which shall remain as clandestine memories. My only answer, perhaps, love does it all, and 'hope' for better tomorrows, that we should look upon. 

Anyway, I been pondering a lot about things that's happening around, and I just realized how amazing everybody is - I am learning to appreciate everybody. 

I put myself into the shoes of all the people, the upcoming entrepreneurs, upcoming professionals, leaders, teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, divorcees, single parents, beggars, depressed folks, prosperous ones,  etc., and I realize everybody is trying to engrave some sort of sculptor which shall remain against time. 

Do people even know what they are doing is something that nobody has done so far? Do people even know that they are inventors of every little thing, albeit not glorified, but they are creating histories. That everybody is involved and engaged with something nobody but they would only be doing it, solely. I personally feel that at times, the scholars, rich, phonies and successful ones intimidated everybody that everybody embarked upon journeys trying to prove themselves. 

Today, I am surrounded by folks who are highly qualified but not rich, rich but not qualified, married but without kids and with kids but not married, people who aren't at all competent yet promoted and people who are competent but not promoted, people who are single and crave for happiness in marriage and yet married men who wish they weren't married, people who read a lot and wish to be writers and writers who barely read anything but write a lot, people who crave to be home and people who want to be far away from home, people who crave for lovers and people who want to end their relationships with their lovers, people who wished they were wiser and wiser folks wishing if only they had not known about most of the things that they know about-most-of-the-things which they already know - that they would have been much happier and would have lived happily, happy folks who sympathize sadness and sad people who long to be happy, the younger ones who want to be older folks and older folks who would trade the world to be young, students who aspire to be some hot shot engineer or a banker or a lawyer, etc., and engineers, lawyers, bankers, etc., who wish to be students so that they would never choose their profession. And the list goes on and on. When wasn't the grass greener on the other side?

I personally feel that many don't appreciate what sort of position they are in. How beautiful, melodious the pains of today will seem tomorrow, how they will enjoy over their downs tomorrow? How they would get to tell their stories of failures like Jack Ma, perhaps many fail to be persistent.

And I see people just wish upon to be famous, rich and happy just because they have certificates to be so. Not all engineers will be making money, not all the artists will be famous, not all the writers will be read, not all the talented people will be appreciated - the answer lies somewhere : perseverance? 

And, in all these entropy of people, perhaps people just forget themselves, that they repent their voyages of past too much that they don't have patience to unveil the curtains of glorious future, that somewhere they just wish to be someone else, when all along, they just forget to realize that they were, are and will always be just amazing.

Even that shitty burnt curry or that shitty memories that you are making at the moment, is something special and that nobody, in the entire world, is making, and even if someone did, they weren't making what you were and they didn't burn it like you did. Everybody is doing something new, just that laws of patents, insecurities and disciplines of societies rig you from your uniqueness. You are amazing. 


  1. I am glad to know that you have become a very positive man now. Reading your blog is like seeing you turn into into a wise man from a reckless teenager. haha :)
    TC and may the force be with you.

  2. Good writing, I am learning yet. I share the same view on the modernized world