Thursday, July 6, 2017

Life In Thimphu.

Now, few of my clients, family members and friends might be thinking that I have all the time in the world, to write and to practice calligraphy, and not much time for their works and time to spend with them. In actual, these aren't the things that actually takes time. I write without thinking much and it doesn't take me more than 5 minutes to copy stencils and fonts. I am not flaunting that I am skilled, it's just a means to escape from cacophony in my head. Never was I so stressed or overloaded in my life. These writings and little bit of relation to art, is what keeps me calm at times. Nevertheless, I always am worried about the works that I am involved in. Lately, I have been missing deadlines and I don't like these feelings.

It's been some eight months that I moved to the capital of Bhutan, and I have enjoyed my stay and work, in ages, I really felt that I was accomplishing certain dreams of mine. However, I haven't gotten time to sketch nor write: few anecdotes here and there like this one - it still doesn't take much time. But failures to meet up deadlines, sketch or write creates voids and it just adds up to stress.

So, here's the thing about Thimphu. Thimphu is both expensive as well as cheap city. You just need to know where to look. During winter days, it gets pretty interesting because you can share cabs and when you do so, it would cost you lesser than 25% of what you would pay, when you would hire a cab solely. Thimphu's economy is very vibrant and it is upon how you choose to make money: this is our Wall Street, this is our Silicon Valley. You can have the cheapest yet delicious meals and the most expensive ones which are basically all leaves and roots! Some restaurants just intimidates you to pay them more while they don't provide you with better services nor food. But, the traffic defines whether a restaurant serves you good meals or not? Some places have intimidated a slot of folks that if you go around there and hang out there, you are considered to be cool or rich: too bad, I find this part of herd mentality quite funny. 

You can get everything if you know where to look, and yet you won't get anything if you don't know where to look. The traffic is busy during early mornings, afternoons and evenings, yet they become haunted lanes towards the night and very early mornings. It's like one time you are in Mumbai and another time, you are in Ladhak. While there's too much of traffic, you won't experience any cacophonies of horns from impatient drivers: that way, we are disciplined much. Imagine yourself being in Kolkata?

Taxi stand is actually filled with many vibrant entrepreneurs: Taxi Drivers! I at times feel that they are the only ones, who are actually true to themselves and they know what they want and what they do. Rest of us, we shy away from fixing our rates, or we are just too pretentious in being humble. Only taxi drivers are out loud bold in this town, I like their confidence very much. And isn't confidence the best attire one can wear?

During winter days, I felt that I was living my life in fast lane. Changing cabs, getting snacks like Juma and hot porridge on streets were simply bliss. It was like catching a local train in Indian Metropolitan cities, just that out here, we were squeezing with strangers in cabs. Different rates for different junctures.

Thimphu has few 24x7 bars, and handful middle aged and young people come around as night owls. The night life during weekends is simply awesome, just that it gets risky at times: you just won't know whether a juvenile might poke you in a very bad way with sharpened metal.

It is good to walk upon Norzin Lam streets, with so many people around. I don't know them and they won't know me. Yet, in that crowd, there's a different kind of loneliness, which I enjoy very much. And most of the times, I observe around, how times have changed. How once, when I was young, a policeman chased me because I wasn't wearing gho, and these days, some people don't even wear much of clothes. And with so many faces around, I wonder, everybody's stories, everybody's goals - something I will always be pondering upon, and I would never get down to that abyss of thoughts.

There are places which are innovative, and everybody's trying to do something new. Gone are those days, that if you came up with a shop, people would show up and buy something. These days, one needs to be innovative and creative to draw people to their shops.

Life in Thimphu has become strange to me, I am surrounded by many people yet at times, I feel very lonely. Which I enjoy of course, not that I am a prick or a dickhead, just that all my life, I have been doing things when I was all along left alone. Since teenage days, I would paint, read and write alone, study alone. There's a different kind of bliss in it.

In every bit and every moment, I am trying to learn something. That what makes others happy doesn't make me, and it is totally fine. I might not be that person who has much time to spend around with friends and family, but that doesn't mean that I don't care about them. It's just that I realize that I have embarked upon a quest, where I have to sacrifice more than I had thought for, that it is all required as of now. In these entropy, I just see better days ahead. I already have sacrificed more than what was required. And it's just not me who has done it, there are a lot of millennials who have done so, just that they aren't appreciated much now, however, the time in future would speak. Hey, if we can make it with those annoying radio shows that we hear at times, than we can make it anywhere and everywhere. :p With all my mumble - jumble, I conclude here. 

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