Thursday, July 20, 2017

DD Chronicles : Episode 2

After Dophu's black coffee incident, Dhan Maya and Dophu wanted to go for a dinner date. This time, the conversation went on like this: 

Dophu: Dhani, should we go outside to eat? 
Dhan Maya: Yes Dophula, let's go. I can't wait to go out.
Dophu: Where do you want to go? 
Dhan Maya: Wherever you say, you want to go. 
Dophu: Okay, how about Lepo's place Dhani? 
Dhan Maya: Went there last time with friends. 
Dophu: Okay then, how about Nado's Chicken Wings? 
Dhan Maya: I am thinking of not eating meat tonight.
Dophu: Okay, how about Karchung's Kangchung? They have good salad and I can eat meat as well? 
Dhan Maya: No, people go there to drink and Kangchung is eaten as changpa! 
Dophu: Okay, then how about Rajiv's Indian Restaurant? 
Dhan Maya: I don't want to eat spicy and masala tonight, upsets my stomach tomorrow. 
Dophu: How about Ram Gopal's Nepali Thakali? 
Dhan Maya: I land up eating too much there, I don't want to eat too much tonight. 
Dophu: Okay, then how about Ratu's Cafe? You can have some snacks there? 
Dhan Maya: But I won't be fed there. They give us rice in one batuka! 
Dophu: Then how about we eat some fast food randomly anywhere we feel like eating? 
Dhan Maya: It won't work out like that, we must fix the place first. 
Dophu: How about we order pizza and stay home? 
Dhan Maya: No, I want to go out. 
Dophu: Then where do you want to go? 
Dhan Maya: Wherever you say, you want to go. 
Dophu: Okay, you eat poop, gukhanu, or something at your place and come. I will eat koka at home and come. 
Dhan Maya: If we aren't going outside to eat, then why are we even going out? What's there to get irritated? You can't even fix a restaurant to eat? How can you fix things when we will have bigger problems in life. Shakuntala Aunty was right about you. All men are same. 

Ps: This didn't happen to me. The author just wants to be humourous. He tried. Try was there. Have a great weekend folks. You can read episode one here

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