Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Punatshangchhu Diaries - Episode I

Before all the hype about Hydro Power sectors, with media thinking that they have unveiled its dirty secrets like chasing a unicorn and way before Politicians thought that they were experts on Hydro Power Economics, Hydro Power Projects remained golden egg hatching duck, for a fresh graduate like me then. 

With temporary job, after passing preliminary BCSE exam, wishing for projects that were slipping out of our fingers, I had to wait for nine months to get in. There were only eight or nine of us then who had applied for 15 vacant Assistant Engineers' posts. I was damn sure I would get in and was busy with my works, rather than preparing for job interview. My interview got me jeered for being too research and theory 'Oriented' and the panel flaunted their joke: is ko quality control mey dalley gay! (He should be placed in Quality Control)

When you don't have a stable job, you take in the meanest things that you are told. 

The whole placement process took five months and finally I got my Memorandum of Understanding with PHPA-II. My mother being superstitious asked me to take seven steps towards North and enter the office. That's the thing about zakar, I don't understand it. Office as in the room which I would get? The building I would enter or my boss's office? So bad day for selling? What about the person who will buy from the seller? It's not too precise, is it? However, it was on pavement blocks that I took my seven steps and returned, only to climb some 45 risers, and then some 100 footsteps to enter an office. I thought I would do good in this office, which was situated in one of the attic floors of Bajo town. With spring around the corner, it was slightly warm towards the morning and stability didn't find you in Bajo: maybe Rajnikanth's fan is always on in that town. 

I was to join Infra Division and with my mother's zakar, I thought I would do good. 

There was no designated furniture or a computer for me. And two Engineers had to share one computer then, not many Divisions entertained engineers to have their own individual computer. Forget the printer. 

I didn't have any work and no work was coming up. There was water supply project being done by my friend Karma Rinzin, who today is in Australia. Our then boss asked me to go along with Karma and see our water supply scheme. I reckon it was DI or CI pipe system, and I was told that the project would take more time than stipulated, because the pipes were very heavy for labours to carry. It was some 1.5km in jungle, Karma and I, with few supervisors went to see the source: some 1.5km into the jungle. The site was interesting, with footpaths which left trails of the previous passersby, we could reach the destination under an hour. Being fat and being in gho with nangshop, it's clearly not your thing with sweats dripping from all the possible orifices in your body. Mind you, I was going to do good in this division, because I had followed zakar! 

We reached at the source, whereby a tiny dam like structure and storage tank was coming up. We talked with the labours there in Hindi and Karma's Hindi was awesome, unlike many of those who have passed out from CST. Karma is gifted in that terms, he's very entertaining guy. Chencho aka bully, too was there? Or was he? However, the moment we were to return, a Bengali Labour shouted at me saying : pata pata pata! I thought why would he want to have a sword from me? But there was an ascending noise from above, and when I turned my head towards the direction from which this malice of noise came, like gushing water in an empty pipe for ages, I saw a feet or two in length long stone, heading towards my direction. I learnt one thing in life then: when disaster really strikes you, you are there numb and shocked, nothing works! All I could do was make a noise, OOOOOOOOOOOOOO like Forest Gump and ran. With heart in my mouth and noises from lungs, nothing happened. I was very much afraid. But hey, I didn't shit in my pants! That was the day, I realized monkeys weren't cute. 

Then, we could come back from site and we would see where PHPA-II colony would come. We would watch that site from the other side of the bank, because a bridge was yet to be built. 

I was supposed to do good things in this division, perhaps so many things there, because I had taken seven steps, before I entered my office. All I could do was laugh over and feel very uncomfortable to the talks of few ladies in adjacent room, whereby they discussed their failed marriages, breast sizes and their husbands cheating upon them. Two weeks later, the office where I was supposed to achieve my career's pinnacle platform, issued a Transfer Order. I was transferred to Power House, reason being a person who got placed in Power House had worked for the contractor previously, and the Infra Division wanted someone who had experience, and I didn't have any. 

Few months down the line, when I was working in tunnel, few of my bosses would discuss with the senior members of contractors: Yeah! We swapped him with a fresh graduate.

My friends from CST and India, were very much excited - maybe they weren't. They just were bachelors then and everyday meant a day to be celebrated. We hit the local karaoke and they sang songs there. I being very shy those days, I would smile and laugh upon them. It would take me few weeks from then, to never let go of microphone. 

And way before people were so negative about Hydro Power Projects, way before Politicians became analyst with figures and finance, the tunnels seemed so scary to a fresh graduate like me, then. And I was yet to work upon my own sites, just that I would be pretty much engaged with everything and anything around. 

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