Monday, April 17, 2017

Shame on all of us!

You see, there was a time, not long ago, perhaps a decade ago, that I was very much enthusiastic about the world around. I was bothered by the things that happened around the world, while people gave into fascism, religious crusades, how people were mocked if they weren't religious, how people inflicted opinions upon each other, how conniving the politicians were, how those jocks in Wall Streets got the whole world into financial crisis, why America had to go on war with any other nation when their idealism didn't match with hers, why poverty killed some 25000 people per day, why people were bombed, why Palestine's cries went unheard, why racism still existed, why world had ammunitions which were expensive and why didn't they build schools or gave food for free, why the world didn't hear Tibet's cries now but interestingly during the colonialism she was that hot chick which every white nation wanted to date and wanted to get to know her, and at the same time, if Buddhist valued impermanence so much then why few Rinpoches cling upon wealth so direly more than a marwari merchant, etc., and yes, there were too many 'whys' in my head. 

But I was a kid then, writing and expressing about those thoughts were too much of a double standard, it was negative to think so, and I was going hard on myself: These were the things I was told then, and as years passed by, I stopped writing about these things, because I would get schooled for thinking so, to have these opinions was simply wrong, it was like I was always pointing towards the dirty gutter while I should have been thankful for the beautiful pedestrian above it. 

I would write then, I would write about the wrong doings and the reason why I wrote was because I indeed was affected with everything that was happening in the world. And was I wrong? With time, I stopped reading papers, with time I started not to get bothered about people dying. And how much correct and right I was, I started to blend in, I started to blend in with people who didn't bother about what others went through, and while everybody succumbed into Nationalism in the third world countries, it was a patriotic thing to be blinded by Nationalism. And the countries changed, the countries moved from Palestine to Afghanistan to Iraq to Yemen to Libya to Lebanon to Syria to Palestine again, and it was hard to keep track of which nation was being bombed after a while and there were simply many killings. There were many people burned and bombed alive, then it just became and still is, Headlines and Breaking News for mainstream media. Just like me, many don't care today, we just care whether we can afford something with our pay roll, we just try to survive and we are doing just fine. We are happy with our families and friends around and we are doing good, we don't bother nor we write about what is wrong and what is right, we don't preach nor do we do anything.

While the self proclaimed world leaders and self proclaimed messengers and chosen ones of Gods, obliterate the human race, we just turn on our televisions and flip those newspapers and read those stats like they were mere vegetables, and move on, might feel sorry for a while. We don't care how many people: men, women and children died. We don't care about their innocence nor do we care about their voyage to oblivion, we are just fine that it is them and not us, and that we are to be thankful for we are not them.

Perhaps, the answer lies in all of us, how all of us have started to behave. We just can't stand for ourselves, for we are too scared and frightened to have opinions, that if we express what we really think, we already know in our heads what-we-have-as-consequences. Maybe that's why, in the name of our principles, we have found our solaces into loyalty, we don't question what is right and wrong, but we blindly support those, to whom we have given our loyalty. Perhaps, if there were few who could really speak up, vouch for virtues, the bombings might have stopped? But who wants to sacrifice their comfort zones? So on the global scale, we all are on our boats of 'it is not us, we thank we are not born there' and continue with our lives. The bigger impact of ethnic cleansing around the world in the name of terrorism, is yet to reap, and when it does, God forbid, many of us will bleed tears and hear shrieks from those who have gone the other side.

So, yes! Shame on all of us! Shame on all of humanity! This is the future we all along longed for? This isn't what we were supposed to be? Perhaps, too many morons got hold of the wrong technology. While there are so many poor people in every nation, while they are famished and have given upon being vagabonds and outlaws in their own nations, the nations have audacities to blame one another of being terrorists, have branded the whole citizens of other nations the same and continue with their sprees of killing the innocent people: and what is the whole world doing about it? We are busy watching funny videos about kitty cats and some clowns on youtube. Yes, those dying people and their footages are too painful and depressing to be watched, so we forget about them, we try to avoid reading about them, and we warm up in our blankets of comfort zones and say the prayers, boasts ourselves for not being them, thank for being where they are not, and we forget that some kid could have been the next Einstein but his limbs, hands and head were blown up, because he thought he would get food from a truck and not explosion!

Perhaps, the modern Black Death plague isn't in physical form to be termed as pandemic, it is in the form of ideas - not to react when some do wrong? Perhaps, in mere future when those generations would read about us, they would always ask: But Miss Ronda, I don't get it! Why didn't the rest of the world question those leaders when they sanctioned those bombings and went on wars? Were they all mere cowards or were they all too blinded by their expectations for having money which they weren't even sure of getting from them? And I wonder, will there be any future generations as well? 

It doesn't rekindle my lost knack to get affected again, however, it just shames me this time: How low can you go down world? How low? Shame on all of us! 


  1. Ah, remember the days I used to call you negative (which I stick with :P) but I was naive, I agree. You were right about a lot of things. But I am still optimistic about a lot of things :)

  2. In my defense, I would like to state that, I always was ahead of time :P :P :P :P