Saturday, March 18, 2017

Next to River!

Once, one astrologer revealed many secrets that I refrained from sharing with my friends. He would look at my face and tell so many things about my past, the person I was and the people I was involved with. I claim myself to be agnostic, not that it's a trump card below my sleeve to bargain with the devil and nymph, while I embark my voyage upon oblivion. I have always believed that the universe is so big, that we can barely contemplate and be savvy about everything in it.  

Once while I was intrigued with graphology and palmistry, I would try to study palms, handwritings and signatures of my fellow colleagues and tried to judge them. The interesting thing about this hobby of mine was that, I could never reveal where a man would lead in his life, I could tell whether he was a thrifty or a spend thrift person, that whether he was egoistic or a humble one, that whether he was a thinker or not, that whether he was forgetful one or a careful one. Perhaps, not many would go to become a clairvoyant as Lord Cheiro himself. 

But it is interesting to know and read about these things at times, and it is simply baffling to know how we leave behind and around, our traces, in bits and bytes, that sums up to who and what we are. Perhaps, next time, when you are around folks, try to study their body language, like said, spoken speech is just 35% and remaining is all what your body speaks. Too bad, we are told and we do so: pay more attention upon words than actions. 

Anyhow, as I stand next to river and see these beautiful patterns of light being reflected and refracted upon the pebbles, stones and algae beneath, I am taken to my fields of thoughts. There I don't remain shackled by uncertainties of this world, there I have achieved more than what I could have in this world, there I have tamed horses and invented new particles at subatomic level, there I have owned many things and have already mastered many things. Too bad, it is all in the head, and might as well, take time to be achieved in this world. 

Perhaps, that in itself is intriguing. How our minds function, how there lies a whole different world of so many possibilities, not many things vicissitudes out there, and I remain baffled: could it be possible that the door to this land of mythologies be opened? What if we could remain there forever? 

And while I watch that river flow, while it makes its little horrendous noise and slips downwards, I get amazed by the power of river.
Water is considered as boon to life, and clearly nothing would survive if it wasn't present. But again, it happens to be the worst enemy for civil engineers. Yes, water, is that enemy, is that master, is that servant, is that king and that pauper, which gives nightmares to any of the designers. If water is in love with any of the man made structures, that structure eventually lands up being a Devdas, and dies off at the abyss of its presence, and water never compromises with its brim which acts like a shield and pride, that water never loses it. Yes, it never does. 

And in all that, I find, how foolish it is of men, who tend to think that they can tame water. That they can divert and store, that they can freeze and they can control it. Perhaps, on time scale of a human, he might have won the battle, but not the war. Water always wins the war. It is said, that even rocks flow infront of the eyes of God, meaning everything that is considered the hardest has its own movements, but we won't be able to see it. Yes, in our own sheer arrogance and ignorance, we think we have known something, and so and so stuff behave in a way or two, but how much could we quantify? Water has its time, it doesn't mind whether you freeze, evaporate or boil it, eventually it outlives all of us. 

Perhaps, this river brings tales with it, from the sea to mountain to the subtropical jungles. Water itself is a pirate, a wanderer, a gypsy with interesting expeditions. And what if we could know the tales of it? What if we could read a drop of it? Maybe then, we might have been slightly humble, slightly thankful and slightly forgiving. If we could unlock the time space in water, if we could understand it better, maybe we could understand the universe better. And, with all those thoughts, I come back, shut my door to my world inside my head, then look at the rapids on this river. Water surely is inspiring, it doesn't look back, it doesn't stay there. It is all about moving forward, no matter how big or strong the huddles are, it eventually erodes, scours or takes them with it. And how beautiful that principle is, that it isn't a solid, yet all the solids in the world can stoop in front of water. 

There's more to the noises, rhythms and hymns of a river, it has seen more things that we could have, it has been all over the world and has known things that we haven't, yet it chooses to remain secretive, yet it remains not to tell you the tales it has been and lived through, yet, it just appears so magnificent and beautiful. And those rays on the tips and brims of rapids, are pearls and diamonds glittering upon it. And I stay there, amused with it, if only, our souls were like rivers, we would have conquered our fear and insecurities better. We could have covered our inner self like it does, a blanket for all those pebbles, stones and algae. Water, it is so transparent yet we won't know how to read the tales of it, it is clear and flexible, yet we don't know where it will be next. And even Lord Cheiro himself won't be much of a clairvoyant, if he had to study water!

Besides, those astrologer always told me, that I should be along the river banks, perhaps it is there my stars align and my head wanders around misaligned.

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