Sunday, March 26, 2017

Freedom of Speech.

Now I am not a political science student and being very much away from politics, freedom of speech seems a very vague idea to me.

Well, maybe the way an individual has been groomed all his life, depicts how much of freedom of speech one craves. Lately our folks seem to be very much thirsty upon the very concept of freedom of speech and fundamental rights, that in the saga and quest of caressing and fondling the concept of it, one blurts out his thoughts and mind, one lands up doing more damage than what one oughts to do. Did we not have freedom of speech before? Did we make few of those authors and freedom speakers disappear like in other nations? Did we torture those who had valid points?

We would joke then, that when it came for freedom of speech and liberalism, technical people would refrain more from those who took liberal arts. Now, there might be a concept around it as well, because during our college days, our Professors didn't write a formulae on the green board and asked any Joe's opinions on it. Unlike how people would be discussing in literature classes, why was the curtain blue? Well, maybe the curtains were blue because it was blue and the spectrum it belonged to was blue, and he said the curtains were blue and maybe, just maybe, it had got nothing to do with his state of mind, love life or the things he smoked?  So, were we brought up with communist thoughts? I don't understand, but I do understand that there were certain principles and rules, certain laws that any materials and for that matter, humans per se had to abide by and abode upon certain sets of rules, laws and principles. What makes one different from atrocious is how wisely he uses his rights, where he opens his orifice of noise?

While many have chosen to be vociferous and verbose upon the idealism of freedom of speech, one should as well, know the credit ceiling till which, one could indulge in expressing oneself, and actually speak out one's mind. For it will always be wise, to be more laconic on matters which are sensitive. I am not proposing one to remain shut, I am just proposing one to have better back ups with evidences, a sense of responsibility to understand consequences and repercussions of those sound waves and ripples, that one proliferates and inflicts with his or her conquest and chronicles. Not because you will be wrong, but because you will be proved wrong, because you won't be substantial without facts and figures.

At times, I ponder, can I express everything that's in my mind? That can I speak everything that comes to my mind? Can I really write and say so and so, in the name of freedom of speech? Did you not get disciplined when you cussed around elders, did you not get scolded for coming up with stupid suggestions, did you not get mocked for not getting your facts right? So, where do I find the veil to cover up myself, when I have broken laws with my inadequate statistics and facts, freedom of speech is more than a propaganda, it is yet to be understood than merely flaunted around for the deeds and noises, which we later don't want to take responsibility for.

Perhaps, the quest is yet to be understood by our countrymen, while they succumb and abate in the ignorance of concepts, that they might someday blurt out their own doom, upon an ideology of mere noises, marching merrily towards relinquishing what's so serene and pristine, unappreciative of what we actually have now, inviting and welcoming the devil's shadows, while one's teeth and claws to fight the then devils are wasted upon fighting the angels of now. Our words at times, might just unravel as our woods for our own pyres.