Friday, March 17, 2017

Few of my works.

Koi dhanda chota nahi hota, 
aur dhandey sey bada koi dharam nahi hota. 
Lately I came across this line from the movie Raees, and it means: No job is too small, and no religion is greater than job.

Now, I am a very boring person, if you hang out with me, I will talk about the things that I find interesting and you won't. Yes, it's all about work. Now, while I write this article, many might think that I am an arrogant narcissistic prick, who wants to show off or flaunt his works. Well, there comes an age I guess, whereby we stop getting bothered with what others think :p :p :p. Besides, if you think it is showing off, then I will take it as a compliment, for it can only be showing off if it is good. If it isn't, it is making mockery out of oneself, on the internet.

Few years ago, a kid asked me during a career counseling session, "what is needed to be a civil engineer?" Personally, I feel that the occupation is hyped or overrated a lot.

Once an engineer, you haven't reached to the second base of your career, unless you have stood throughout the entire concrete casting process. And you only pop your cheery when some labour or foreman yells at you: you are an engineer, you don't know this much also?

When I was a kid, and was in third grade, we were all asked to draw what we wanted to become in our lives? During those days, I just wanted to become an engineer, because it was easy to draw any random man with a helmet. Later years, I wanted to pursue a career in writing, which then shifted to becoming a teacher and eventually artist. Then I wanted to become an architect badly, because I thought having an interest in sketching and construction, I would become a good one. Then there was this part of me which wanted to pursue English Literature and perhaps be lost in the land of Odyssey and Othello. But it was all fate and today, I am a certified engineer.

I wasn't a good student in college, I wasn't interested in theoretical studies and I never missed any of lab lessons. I would put my heart into learning why things and materials functioned and behaved in the way it did. It was interesting to learn about fluid, rocks, earth and metals. I might have had bunked so many classes during those days, but I never did bunk any of practical classes.

When I went to PHPA, most of the Indians gave me more work because they thought I was a bright kid from very renowned college and albeit I wasn't good at what I did, I tried. Some five years later, when I left PHPA with my own reasons, I had planned to roam some places, but it never materialized. I would get job and works after a week and it kept me busy. In all those moments, I loved what I did, which I always have. When I look back on what I have done in past five years, I at times feel embarrassed and at times feel content, it is that mixture feeling that I get.

For in some of the works, I was very much satisfied, some I didn't want to be named for and some were just failures. Yes, failure in meeting the deadlines and doing it to my own satisfaction. I was once told by my cousin, that she never heard about what I did. All I did was share some love stories or sad moments, but never would I talk about what I have been up to, in my profession. Well, when it comes for what I do, I have always maintained some secrecy, not that I was involved in bribery or any of the malpractices, but these were the things which I actually worked hard for. And, when it comes for engineering, we do have many engineers in Bhutan, who are very much qualified and I fear to be embarrassed just to share my works.

Anyhow, today, I share few of my works here. Most of these assignments were for free or at very reasonable rates, and most were taken because it seemed interesting.
Toilet Design for BTO. 

Toilet for BTO

Toilet for BTO

Rotary in Paro. 

Rotary in Paro. 

Rotary in Swimming Pool Junction. 3rd Year internship with friends and juniors. 

Rotary getting implemented. 

Concept for Transit Camp at Dogarthang. 

Completion of Transit Camp at Dogarthang. 

Section for Concept of Transit Camp. Designed by WAPCOS, 3D model concept as leisure time exercise. 

Conference Hall at Kamichhu. 

Table arrangement at PHPA
Design after hearing that many Chortens were vandalized. :p 

In one of the caverns while I worked for PHPA.

Current Site. Will upload only when completed.
Designed by my friend Phub Tshering when he worked for United Consultancy.
Will be one of the landmark buildings in Thimphu when completed. 

Few of the works couldn't be posted here, as I am obliged by the Oath of Secrecy, to not to share.

After some five to six years, in this profession, I have realized something, that in order to become an engineer, you ought to come out of your comfort zone, that you need to take risks, that you need to study and upgrade yourself time and again, that you shouldn't be too classy because at times you have to share and eat meals at sites, that at times you need to use bushes for urinals and potty, that you need to remain alert for everything that you are involved in is somebody's money, and most of all, you need to sacrifice a lot and remain truthful to oneself. Yes, sacrifice, because while you learn a new software or a new methodology, you are giving away that time which you could have spent with your family or your friends. That you could have been out late night partying, but you chose to learn something new. That you could have slept, but you chose to remain awake all night because you had to submit those plans, drawings or estimation the other day, and that if you didn't, you would make someone run at loss. And yet we wonder, why many marriages have failed, while one of the partners was in construction business?

Our works are not celebrated as that of an actor's or won't be studied as that of a philosopher's or a writer's, but there's some pride that we take at times, while passing by, we just get reminded and get nostalgic over how we completed those projects. And there were days when I failed miserably. In 2011, there were three buildings which I tried but couldn't design. One was Greener Way's structure and I had to change my number. I just couldn't do it. Another one was hotel and one was BICMA's building. Well, I still get few chills while I think about those days, especially those memories of feeling hopelessness.
Couldn't complete this one though. Hotel, for which I failed miserably. 

And in all these, where do I stand? I believe I haven't achieved much, at times I feel satisfied and most of the times, I fear my downfalls.

Ps: Couldn't write blog posts for a while, been busy with other works.


  1. "There's no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences"

  2. I use you as the finest example of an engineer- who knows his work best and more. Engineering colleges will churn our engineers year after year but someone like you happens once in a long while.

    BUT no matter how satisfied you are with your work, from where I am looking I find it your schedule damn suffocating. You need to have time for people and for yourself- because drawings and structures won't be there by your bed when you are sick and down.
    Like Lila says, there is no balancing, it's about choices you make.

    I live 100 m away from where you live, if you find time come over sometimes!


  3. Lots of great works achieved, and of course some hidden failures. Wonderfully, it is always inspirational to read through your posts and see the images.
    Have great times.

  4. All day work and no play makes jack a dull boy :P
    But senior ji, you are the finest example of a good engineer.
    Best wishes.