Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Work Satisfaction?

It's been a while that I wrote, and I felt out of touch, I always want to inculcate this habit and hobby of mine, to write. So, here's one, something I only discuss with my loved ones: Work!

Here's to all you millennials who have found their solaces upon cheap samosas, puri, thukpa, sugarless strong coffee, suka rotis, crumbled breads, stale rice from yesterday, pickle jars which might expire at any moment, eggs that are thrown more than eaten more, and so many other left over food from yesterdays as your breakfast! 

While your lunch happens to be koka, maggi or some buffet at the cheapest corners in the town to you wishing and hoping that some of your colleagues might share lunch with you! While your dinner happens to be adhoc meals at some canteens or if your luck's good, at some friend's premise or relative's events of celebration! And never and not to forget, while your dishes are toiling upon your kitchen sink to be the next tallest monument for ants residing in your periphery. Welcome to the different world, welcome to modern Bhutan and modern Bhutanese's life. 

There was a time when I would reach office around 8.30 am in the morning (These days it's around 8.45 to 9.30am) and leave around 10 pm or 11 pm or at times, just stay over at office (these days around 5 to 7pm). Being bachelor, you don't look forward to go home, you know nobody's waiting for you with warm meals or hugs. On the positive side, one would know how many kids the watchmen have, what time sweepers come in and which watchmen snores or shouts and yells in their sleep.

What Bhutan was before, it isn't the same now. No rocket science in it, however, there's a new trend these days, and I am not sure about how many people belong to this club and class of category : the ones who work.

Indira Gandhi once said: There are two types of people, one who works and one who takes the credit. Try being in the formal category, there's less competition.

While we work for corporations or any other organizations, there's always a bunch of Jacks, who tend to think about themselves as Hunks, the smart ones to take credits of their subordinates, while all they are - mere hyenas munching upon someone's extra efforts, sweat and blood. Construction industry is full with that.

I at times feel that when it comes for construction industry, nobody owes anything to anybody, not even credits to themselves. You see, anything that is happening is too big to be claimed, one can't say he did so and so, but rarely does one get this opportunity to do everything, and they are lucky, but to claim that the work was solely done by one person, is like seeing a unicorn or being fondled by dragons! So, when an architect designs and it is put to construct, even the proprietor can't claim it, nor should the billing engineer, for there is always some labours involved and even those labours can't claim that they did it. We can however say, we worked for so and so project. It sounds childish and it sounds so pathetic at the same time, but this is what happens in construction industry. Like the time, when I once attended a seminar, there were various people from various hydropower projects, and it sounded so foolish and narcissistic when one said: main nai kiya hai ( I did it). Actually, it takes a lot of people to come up with one project, and a lot of companies to come up with one project. Who made those screws should as well be given credit??

Maybe, that's the thing, it is all about reputation and image, experience and successes of projects. And everybody wants to tangle their names with those successes of projects that's all done and well. It goes to the extend that many things are kept secretive, and so many sacrifices goes untold and unnoticed, only echoing and shrieking in the souls who have made those sacrifices. Perhaps, that is why, there's a lot of money involved and right people get paid. It's all about skills and talent, of course experience as well. Reputation too.

While many are engaged upon office politics and embracing bullshits, time has always been beautiful, gracing us with the acts of unfolding curtains, bringing out the actual worth of people. And I still would say, why are those who aren't talented, skilled, and good for nothing, always resort to office politics at times?

And in all that, while one work is done, there seems something oozing, gushing and rushing in our bloods, that kick of work satisfaction - might not always be the best or even good - there's always room for mistakes and remorse, but there's always a will and self reminder, not to make it again.

One time, a jealous boss asked me, why is it that you work so much, what is that you want to prove? Since he was from India, I just said: When my King can make an effort to walk all the remote areas of my nation, I am just a subject trying to improve myself.

It isn't for the nation however that we work or take upon a project, sometimes it is for increasing our own worth, and yes, I always feel that I have slacked behind compared to my friends, who make it seem so simple and easy.

So, we do know that our clothes need laundry, that dishes have piled up, cockroaches are having orgies and feasts of their lives at our apartments, but, we do see these things upon our screens - we can't go unless we are done doing it. And that is something that is making a change, not some insertion of global agendas sugarcoated to be local. Change, a positive one for the nation, for development of this nation has already begun, and we intend to grab it by its horn while it is on its full swing, and it is then I find appreciation upon my countrymen, millennials of this nation, who have already sacrificed so much and will do in future. Even that sleep we get eventually, is worth it. 

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