Friday, January 6, 2017

What's your Worth?

Now I am not a materialistic guy, whatever I make or own, if someone close asks me or if someone I envy requires it or is to be given, I give them away. Be it the most precious things I owned - except for my laptop. 

Jokes apart, lately I been wondering over what's anybody's worth? 

So as any other time, when the fiscal year comes to an end, we all file for taxes and yes, nobody understands why we even pay taxes? Even Einstein once said, "The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes". I at times wonder, why? And am sure, there will be reasons, and if those taxed amount are used transparently, I wouldn't mind. I still support that public should be given full account upon where there money was spent, and it is quite a laughable thing to ask: because even getting your own benefits after serving a firm or nation is so weird, you have to ask for that sum as if you were availing for some loan - even loans come easily these days. Anyhow, let's not make everything about tax. Oh one last thing, we have taxes on everything, the products that you buy, the restaurant that you sit for a while, the water that you drink, are we even taxed for the air that we breath? 

With vociferated much about tax system, which happens to be some annoyed woman you have got no idea about why the heck is she mad or functions to be mad, I proceed with what's your worth? 

A normal taxi driver makes an amount of 1.5k profit per day, yes per day, leaving aside his daily functioning with fuel and maintenance of his vehicle. A painter makes some amount per sq.ft or sq.inch and the list goes on and on. Being in construction front of job makes one question at times, is education really important? 

I still am not materialistic. When I worked for hydropower, I along with few Bhutanese were the only ones, perhaps five or six of us in entire project, to be involved in analyzing rates for various items and equipments. It is easy while you have standard codes and schedule rates for everything, like in Bhutan Standard Rates, whereby you have coefficients of foreman in any of the items or for that matter, labour and equipments. Hydropower items still don't have standardized rates and coefficients for all the parameters that go in for making an item, at least not the ones that we are asked to use. But to calculate how much your excavator should be worth per hour to be leased on, it takes calculations and paper works. My only suggestion to government as the Future Prime Minister would be so, that we do require new compendiums for analyzing rates for hydropwer sectors. Because the guidelines that we use are not rigid, and it is as old as 1988, 1984 and 1998. Even kids born during those years have given births! And one ponders now, why we see deviation in DPRs? How about, if DGPC, CDCL, Ministry of Economic Affairs and me, :p, came together and came up with a compendium? Jokes apart. This got me thinking what's your worth? The hour that you are working for? The little sq.inch of your signature? Those sentences that you write? Those mere ink drops that you stain upon those rugged paper pages? What's your worth? And being good at something doesn't quantify your worth, at times, you need to bargain and set your worth? And you just can't set your worth, just as you wish, your work should as well be worthy? It seems confusing but it is quantifiable, or is it? 

So, ask yourself, what's your worth? Try to calculate, what's your hour worth, your sq.inch worth? Not being corrupt please, Da Vinci once said: He who wishes to be rich overnight shall be hanged in a year. So, before you go to sleep tonight, ask yourself, are you even worthy? Because, while most of you got jobs as you had relatives, licked asses of bosses for tours, practiced to be corrupt to get that extra carpet at your homes, while you played politics at work to climb the ladder of promotions, thought you were smart and skipped the work to someone who always worked, valued money more and not how it was earned - what's you real worth? I am sure, many would strive to toil if there's some self realization. 

Ps: I still haven't gotten this answer for the question: Why's that most often, the ones who are least skilled or talented, resume over office politics? 

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  1. Include me too if you are going to prepare compendium for analysising rates for hydropower sector. Im interested too....��������