Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why Knight?

The fire dances sharing its luminescence with people dancing around, 
While its rays bounces on the surface of turbulent river,
I witness the battle of moon and fire on eddies and vortex, while the surface of river itself battles with wind, 
shadows dazzling on faces which smiled, on bodies which were momentarily in commotion, 
while cigarette smoke had no chance to be seen, music about not getting worried echoed to the other bank, 
while everybody got lost in those giggles and flamboyant moment, 
I stood leaning next to a tree, worrying and getting consumed over things visible and invisible, doubting my own existence, was I born wrong or was I born to be this sad or was I born to be treated this way or was my existence something disgraceful?

Friday, April 1, 2016


I understand that not many visit my blog, and I am pretty sure that I don't dazzle like other authors. I been tied up with work lately and I been losing weight, no I am not ill. I have never been happier in ages. :) 

Now that I have started to sort out my life, finally, I have made few promises to myself, which I am keeping each day, sternly. This happens to be one of them, I am going to take a break from updating my blog. 

I have realized that I write when I am stressed out or melancholic, but from here on, I want to see writing in a very different perspective. I have so many things going on, so many projects that I am engaged upon, and I am trying to be better each day: No man should be heard if he sucks at his own occupation. 

Henceforth, this is a small break I am taking, in order to focus upon my other things, my priorities. I will be back in few months, till then, do read my old posts if you liked what I wrote till date. I am signing out for a while. I have taken these kind of breaks in my past as well, and this is nothing new. Next time you read my posts, I hope I mesmerize you guys. Till then, take care and never stop reading, never give up on reading anything that you come across. Good Night. :)