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At times, we ponder upon how private our lives are? What should we share with the world or what we shouldn't? And my mind swings like a pendulum, should I or should I not share? 
There's some addiction about writing, and writing has always been a personal passion of mine, and it is here on my blog that I have shared many things related to what I am engaged and involved upon. Let me share with you, about my voyage with papers and pen. 

You see, all my life, I have been a collector, a collector of memories, pens, books, pencils, papers, colours, files, notepads, diaries, etc., basically the things I am passionate about. I have always taken it personally when I actually write with pens and not type with keyboards, it brings me closer to the articles or anecdotes or measurement books that I have written with my hand. 

My journey with pens started when Lopen Dhendup, a calligrapher in his own notion, once said: If you want to mend your handwriting, these are the only years, after this, everything becomes rigid. He was very much correct to this day, because not much has changed since then. As per him, your days or your age to have better handwriting or to improve, were the days when you were in ninth and tenth standard. 

There were two more teachers who inspired me to aspire for a better handwriting. They were Sir Vinod and Sir Dinesh, both were very much into calligraphy and their notes on those cheap black boards were never the less, a form of an art. They were perfectionists upon what they taught and how they wrote. Both of them today reside in US, and both of them were equivalently talented upon their handwriting. 

I have always looked upon those great figures of past, and all of them had one thing in common, most had great handwriting and they were great artists. Be it Tesla's drawings on his patents or Da Vinci's details in his scribbles. A lot could be told from a mere signature and a person's handwriting. They do have a field of study whereby a person's personality could be told through his handwriting and signature. If I am correct, that field is called graphology.  If you had read The Count of Monte Cristo, then you would know how the other old prisoner had used fish bones as nibs and blood or mud as ink. Edmund would learn to read and write from this old man. But that's Alexandra Dumas describing the scare resources in a prison. 

While growing up as a kid, and being interested in painting and writing, somewhere I fell in love with fonts and stencils. And so far, I have collected few pens. 

There's a relationship between a man and his pen, like if you use a pen for more than a year or two, the nib wears off and you will get scripts which you always desired. The thicker lines and the thinner ones at the curves of letters, and while you see them, there's a different satisfaction I can't explain. I can't explain you the attachment and a relationship that one builds with his pen. I had collected pens since I was in eight grade, and there were hell lot of pens in past, too bad I lost my previous pencil bag. Yes, I still carry a pencil bag like a kid, but I can't help, it is now an obsession for me. The following happens to be collection since 2009. 

Doodling, practicing different fonts. 

I have always loved gothic fonts, but the The New York Times has their own touch. 

The bold letters were what I would paint on banners. 

This pen with extra nib was given to me by Shuva Raj Neupane.
My friend from Nepal, this was his farewell gift to me. While I had sketched him. 

Sir Sailesh Humagi, a very senior architect and urban planner gave me this rotring set of pens, while I was inquiring about rotring pens in and around Thimphu. Of course Acho Sonam insisted him to give it to me. 

Rotring Art Pen EF and Parker ball point pen, my souvenirs from Korea. Nama had got me these.  

Pencil bag and all the pens that I collected so far. 

The above one was given to me by my friend Phub Tshering in the year 2012.
The lower two pencils are sketch pencils, they are graphite of 6B, all the way from Japan.
These were given by my friend Sainik (Pelden). 
Few Faber Castle sketch pens and pencil colours. 

While trying to hunt for Rotring pens in Thimphu, I bumped upon tikky editions of rotring. This one here is Lead Pencil of 0.5mm. 

The above one is all the way from Paris.
The lower one is parker, which I had bought when I joined PHPA. 

This one was bought when I was in final year, 2011. 

These pens I had bought when I won a competition.
It has sort of become a form of treating myself with a pen when I am happy. 

Bought when I went for vacation. It was after 4.5 years that I visited home. This is a calligraphy pen. 

There were four charcoal pencils gifted by Zuki.
The lower one, fountain pen I got, was since college days. 
Few brushes and water colours. 
Most often, my friends have always gifted me pens, books, colours or sketch books. These were the things I had asked them for. Too bad, I couldn't take snaps of them. Like pencil colours and sketch book brought by Namgay Dorjee, charcoal pencils, charcoal chalks and sketch book gifted by Tshewang Dema. Black Matte pen which I had got from Acho Sonam, sadly that one got lost. It was roller pen. 

By far, Techno Tip from Cello was my favourite ball point. And there was one edition of ball point pen from Montril, whose refills were never found. A good pen has a viscous ink and the colour remains slightly darker. 

Today, I look upon calligraphers on web pages, those artists and calligraphers of the world, who make it seem so easy when they write mere words like : hope, good, love, hate, and anything. :P 

Some people have their obsession with clothes, girls, drugs, food or something, they would spend all their money and time upon them. This happens to be mine, for whensoever, I have few extra cash, I spend it upon pens, and I have always been in love with pens. I still choose to write with fountain pen, because as the ink gushes out from those pointed nibs, there's a different experience and beauty in it, while it dries, stains and soaks into papers: it's simply beautiful to watch so. 

And with this, I too ask myself, what is it that I do get when I share or write on my blog? Perhaps, I don't know. Maybe, if someone gets interested in mere future to nurture a habit of collecting pens or become a professional calligrapher, that would be joyful event for me. As of now, I don't know why I am feeding my demons to write and share upon the things that I am engaged and involved in. For me these are all passion, a hobby that I can't resist or fight back, it isn't that am a professional writer or artist, perhaps, the answer lies upon a lad kicking a football, while he isn't a professional footballer? I don't know. I still choose to remain baffled and mesmerized by the charisma of fonts, pens and ink, however. 

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