Monday, November 21, 2016

The Year that was 2016.

Every year, I try to review over what had happened? I always like to stop myself from all the hassle that goes around, and actually review, review the year's events. This has always made me remember things and think about what I should do in future. 

Will Miss you Nama, next year. Sometime in 2015. 

2016 started with a very big dent, and I knew I had to make few changes here and there. It was the year I wanted to achieve and dream big, and in fact it was the year that I wanted to do big. Not just wish, but dare to desire and live. Last year, 2015, I had done many projects and all that I had earned were transformed into poop and piss. Anyway, 2016 wasn't prosperous one either, it was the year I left behind many things and dared to do things that were always pending. You can improve you know, even though you can't change. 

I sometimes feel that all of us are like some sort of water containers, at times, even if we don't do anything, the water in us rots, or at times, we are poisoned or polluted. It is only when one knows turbulence, it gets purified. I feel 2016 made me more wiser than I was ever before, with glitches here and there, and failures here and there. 

Design Notation. 
This year, I took up so many projects, which weren't amounting much in material benefits, but surely they were all good for my designing skills. This year, my resignation finally got approved, and I am finally heading towards the place where I always wanted to be. This not only instilled many doubts upon people close to me, but I am sure, it did intimidate them and some of well wishers were always happy. Some were encouraging for they thought all that I am skilled and talented in, was going to waste. I don't know, whether I will make it big or small, it does scare the shit out of me, but I at least won't have to regret some twenty years down the line, at least I finally am getting this opportunity to vouch for what I have believed so far. So, just like in some of the movies, whereby a small town guy packs up his luggage and moves to bigger city, my voyage has been set. 

This was the year, I lost so much of weight, it wasn't hard as they portray in sitcoms or advertisements. One just needs to have will, and yes not just wishes. And when I lost those kgs of adipose tissues, I didn't feel good, neither I felt bad. I just realized or say rediscovered myself. It wasn't that I was going to unlock pandora's box. You see, whether you are fat or thin, it doesn't matter. Because, beyond those skin which might be buffed up or chubby or skinny, it is the will and character underneath it, that speaks who you are. Gaining fat or losing fat, doesn't define you. In fact, fat people are happier than others I think, it's because they are least bothered about what is going around, or when people ask them to lose weight. I lost mine because I started to have troubles while climbing two storied buildings, and being a site engineer, I always have to think about it. You never know which shutters will snap down when the engineer is fat! Jokes apart, this was the year I started to write my book. Yes, a book. To all those who might be interested, please do have patience for a while. I am planning to launch it by next year. It takes a lot to plot, and to those whom I narrated my story, they are quite skeptical about how it might turn out. 

This was the year I learned more about statistics about our nation. This happened when I was trying to write a research paper, but I had to give up in between. Perhaps, 3 hours of sleep throughout the year was too hectic? This was also the year of failures for missing few deadlines, but I did produce those products. Oh, and this is also the year that I learned how to accept failures, and realized that I couldn't cope failures in past. But I surely want to stick around not getting too fond and be pampered by failures. I think we get too worried when we fail, we have so many people around to answer to, but only those who are handful, those who matter to us deserves our explanation, and they aren't skeptical with your failures, why bother? And regarding the rest? Well, even if your success stories are too glorifying, they won't have much good to speak about you. So, why bother about failures? I learned that the hard way, and doesn't it quantify to something when we are told: Do what you want to, forget about the rest of the world. And yes, that is what I learned as well, forgetting about the rest of the world. I didn't get involved into matters with everything that social media served me, I rather chose to write jokes about everything, and to be honest, it is better this way. This is the year that I came across death multiple times, and yes, it was dead scary. With noises of landslides sending chills down my spine to earthquakes that I felt vividly, with non-occurred accidents, I somewhere felt that adrenaline rush. If only there were drinks that could bring those adrenaline rush everytime, I would have had it.  This was also the year that I met with many people who were nice, kind and generous. They are very humble and I just hope, someday, I am in position to give them something in return for being so nice to me. 

Trying something new. Water colours. 

I seriously thought that this was my year, that when I looked back and remembered 2016, it would be the year, I finally got to fit in skinny jeans, wrote business proposals, sketched many portraits, wrote articles - ( the most read article on my blog was written this year ), dared to write a book, came up with many ideas in head, started to implement them, finally getting opportunity to go and work where I wanted, made great friends and actually started my voyage! But all that I could see and you would, in mere future would be the year: yes, the year Donald Trump got elected and Modi taking down all the 500 and 1000 notes, women being mad over ada rachu, etc., And as now I embark myself with my new journey, I look back and tell myself: Boy that was one hell of a year. 


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  2. Felt very nice going though your reflections..!!
    Impatiently waiting to read your first book.
    Good Luck Dawa Ji.

  3. Good one, Dawa, as always. You indeed had a great year. I am also looking forward to your book next year, can't wait to go through it. All the best ahead, bro - I know you will do well wherever you go with that kind of attitude towards success and hard work. Tashi Delek on yet another year.

  4. grt man surely would love to read that .. one copy booked by me maey

  5. *** I feel 2016 made me more wiser than I was ever before,***
    That's good already. Congrats.

  6. waoooo awesome post and very interesting "The Year that was 2016."


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