Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How I see Art?

I just wish many people learned about art, and in fact, I wish that many do pursue art. There is beauty in every little thing, in your pain and in your joyous days, in those little algebraic formula to shapes in those geometry, in those disproportionate to symmetrical figures, in those shades of colours to mere black and white films, in those conspiracies to accidents, in life and in death, in love and hatred, in dying leaves to blooming flowers, in those patterns of abstract to mere straight lines, in your scars and in your untouched skin,  in your infancy to maturity, in your foolishness to wisdom, and not to forget, in your farts and poops!

Gold On Black paper. 
When was the last time you doodled? Perhaps in some boring seminar or most famously for all the college kids: when that particular examination paper was tough? Oh, we have all been there, when too many questions were tough, we found our last resort and solace in doodling. Actually, I feel that everybody can sketch and every body is an artist amongst themselves, not many realize that they do inculcate this passion. It's just what people tell themselves, when they stop believing in them, when they compare their works with others, that they fail to see an artist in them.

Most probably, majority of people, might have left their passion for art when they left their kindergarten days. Remember we all used to paint mountains, rivers, a house which had colourful roof with multiple triangles, some sensitive kids with their family members, and let's not go to the messy hair they drew around their mothers. It just goes out to tell that art is that form of expression when one feels something, when one wants to share his expression, something they want to capture. And since when did we start to care so much about how others felt and left our passion?

Most often, I am asked to sketch portraits by people, and there seems to be a pattern in it. The ones who have much more self love and respect, they ask to sketch themselves. The ones who are in love asked me to sketch their lovers, and those who are happy and have found their solaces in this life, they have most often asked me to sketch their families, along with themselves. But art for me is all about capturing expression and their feelings, the best photographs they ask me to sketch, the ones whereby they think that they look at their best. And isn't being in love a slight phenomenon, that triggers and dwells around art? Most orders come from people who are madly in love, and they ask for sketches of those whom they love the most. Some asked for their sisters, some for their brothers, kids, parents or their spouses or lovers.

I wish, people continued their passion for art. There is a different level of understanding when one actually completes an artwork, perhaps one can feel things differently and appreciate the beauty around it. It doesn't have to be in colours, it could be actions or words, but am sure, one will feel things differently. I always get lost when I am sitting behind those papers, trying to finish off a work, trying to bring down all that is in my head on a paper, and many times I do fail to express fully, and maybe it is how it should be. It doesn't matter, how paint stained your palms and fingers become, there is a whole lot of different energy and satisfaction in creating something, something new because every other time, it is always something new. Even if you draw the same subject that you have drawn ages ago, it is different every other time. For at times, the shades are different, shadows are different, the ratios are different, the highlights are different, the reflected lights and refracted lights are different, and at times, you express differently. I feel there's no fixed rules for how to make an art, and that is how exactly the whole of universe functions. We are just too adamant not to realize that, and try to formulate everything and anything to behave in ways we think they should or would. But that's art, that's how beautifully it functions and that's how beauty functions, we don't understand how it does, but it just strikes us and leaves us baffled.

There were many people who studied art and they might have come with their hypothesis and formulae, but that is something that takes away the beauty of art. But when one is there with their brushes and pencils, all those rules fail. Because nothing is fixed, the amounts of colours that you mix and the amounts of strokes that you impose, those are not fixed, and it is at that point, an artist with his every other stroke, gives so many parameters to all the mathematicians, physicists and every Tom, Dick and Harry, whose espionage to decipher art fails. There might be few rules of portions or few laws of geometry that can make us understand art better, but how could all these be quantified when an artist uses his freehand to draw?

Tell me I am wrong, but I see artist in everyone, a doctor when he examines his patient, an engineer when he imagines and draws his products, a person when he writes his letters, a poet when he chooses his words, a writer when he plots his characters, a teacher when he or she teaches lessons, an accountant when he or she prepares her ledger, an architect when he or she tries to make something new, a foreman when he casts his concrete, a blacksmith with his craftsmanship, a painter when he mixes his colours, a clown when he expresses himself to make someone laugh, a comedian with his tones and words to tell jokes, a narrator when he grasps his listeners to listen to him more, and the list goes on. On personal level, when a mother cares for her kids, when a teenager arranges his or her hair, when someone cooks, when someone arranges their stuff, when someone talks in a mesmerizing and dazzling way ( yes you English Gentlemen raised the stakes way too high for Asian men like us), when someone even makes a tea, etc., all these are forms of art. I feel so, because art has more to do with giving than owning, it has more to do with expressing than faking, and nobody can exactly fake their expressions, can they? No wonder many artists actually don't care about money, and most of them die alone or live alone, and most of them become famous after their deaths, and most of them don't actually own much while they are alive. Because when once you have tasted the satisfaction of creating something, everything around that's related to materialistic things seem so insignificant, that one doubts why people try so hard to own, when they haven't learned or known the melody of creating? And isn't the very feeling of this melody of creating, in itself an illusion? The best artist so far, happens to be nature, for it paints masterpieces every other second, and no artist can actually impersonate it every other time.

Art requires time, and time is that slow messenger to let the world know how beautiful something is or was? Could it be that all of us are trying for an ultimate goal? To understand the universe properly, and everything that we land up doing is somehow or the other, related to it? That some of us land up doing one by-product of an act, of understanding the universe? Because every civilization, every man that has walked this earth, at some time, has have had, expressed himself with a form of art. Everything that is related to art, tells us a story, we just have to see and try to understand it better. For all the symbols, all those lucrative imaginations that we have, all that love and care, all that is a form of art? Perhaps, the best things that humankind were served so far, were from the men who had an eye for beauty and art.

In general, women make better artist than men however, I think so. Because they taking care of their faces requires more affection and care, and they feel things better than men do, and their lives being hard, they coping with lewd predators make them more artistic than men :p. Henceforth, try to see it differently, for everybody actually is an artist.

Ps: Most often I don't sign on my works, because I feel that everything we do in this life somehow or the other, happens to be insignificant - I took the idea from Bhutanese Paintings, whereby the owner gets the credit and not the one who paints. But few of them do have hand written messages on the back. Only handful of them. 


  1. very interesting blog Dawa, to write about ART and creativity is almost as insightful as the artworks themselves, to talk about ART is a form of poetry, we communicate about ART as if the process was a loveaffair, we enjoy the magic of something being expressed in one form or another...in the air, from within us, out of nothing, so to speak, we are inspired to express, and this act of creating is in itself magic, it's real value cannot be measured...ART has enriched my life in countless ways, mine, your's, everyone's, thank you for this reminder friend:)

  2. yes those English gentleman..good manners are best of arts :P

    1. :) :) am also not that behind compared to those English Gentlemen :P :P
      Good Manners I posses :P at least, I would like to think so :)