Sunday, October 9, 2016

Moonlighting and Us?

As we all have succumbed to the mess and controversies on social media, and have actually had knack to lose our peace of minds, I wonder over an issue. 

Recently there was a news about few civil servants doing their part times as Taxi Drivers. And at times, I think, I have given up on thoughts, and have started to follow the mob. I now, don't follow a news till its end, exactly as the mainstream media wanted all of us to be. 

Anyway, it was debatable whether a civil servant should do their part time or not? My stand, they should! 

I support moonlighting, because it speaks the affords of those who are in dire need of better lives, at least, they aren't lazy? Do you think you can become a Taxi Driver? Can you lobby around while people are walking? The way Taxi Drivers function, I call: being honest to themselves. They at least, don't have double standards and are to the point. You want to go to Paro? Come! If not, I don't have time for you. While you are too timid to do that job, why stop others who are not like you to do what they want to do? Let's be transparent here, and be honest. What we earn, we have to spend it on house rents and groceries, and savings goes out the window the moment children and bills are there to be paid. 

Our economy is messed up, our GDP just rose from Nu. 2.1 to 5.5 billion from 2013 to 2015, we have always claimed to be happy, and whether we want to face it or not, we are lazy people. It isn't rocket science to understand that every office is filled with people who work and people who don't. There will always be some Dorjis, who will work more and some Dorjis, who won't work. Sad fact, the winners are always those Dorjis who don't work. Because the salary the two Dorjis draw towards the end of the month, is just the same. I have group of friends who have always worked hard, if you called them on their cell phones, they won't be answering to their calls. Best way to approach them would be dropping an email or messaging them on facebook. Not that they use facebook too much, but they work on their computers and they are always logged in. Since when did using facebook too much become an equipment to decide for us, whether that person is productive or not? There are thousands of people who are always logged in and they watch over all of people, they don't comment, like or share anything but they are always online. 

When many opposed those taxi drivers cum civil servants, I was thinking otherwise. Maybe, perhaps, rather than discouraging moonlighting in our nation, there should be better ways to tackle this upcoming trend? Rather than asking someone to stop working harder, why not regulate them well, regulate their productivity? Don't spare both the Dorjis who work and not work? If some one's not productive, fire his ass. There are many in line asking for jobs? Why not set some hours or scrutinize how they progress in their main jobs and don't bother what they do after working hours? If they are absent at work, we do have rules to regulate them? And maybe, why not tax them for moonlighting as well? That's sounds fair and square, but that's just my opinion. At least they don't want to take bribe or they don't want to claim table tours? 

Most often, when people work harder, be it in their jobs or whether they work extra hours, nothing is ever met with better words, no compliments, no encouragements. Rather, at times, the most competent workers get the most disastrous tasks, when it is too messy, they are called upon. Not all are super humans, who will correct every body's mess? Ever wondered, why those who put in extra hours at work, eventually turn into a grumpy complaint box and eventually leave? Either for masters when they are not married or they simply resign? 

With age, I have come to realize, things don't change. What we can only do is, be true to ourselves. Learn more and increase our own worth, not all will be saved, and those who can't work like you, will try to drag you down. I am always reminded that I update a lot of status on facebook :P. And at times, I am even asked whether I really work at my office? Because, I sketch, write and update my blog. I don't want to explain, but this will be the last time I would try to make an effort. It's simple, I only sleep for like 3 to 5 hours. When our offices were here at Bajo, I would reach office around 8.30 and work till 10 pm. I wasn't the only one, there were others as well in our office. There were days, when we worked till 2 am in the morning or did 38 hours shift, we didn't claim our overtimes or didn't make an issue out of it. We all loved our jobs, but then when you love your job too much and give in too much, you tend to intimidate others. My immediate boss would ask me at times, why do you work so much? I would smile and say to him: When My King can walk the remotest areas of Bhutan, I am just a subject who is doing his part. My motto then was different, I didn't want to become like my immediate boss. I didn't want to become a laughing stock when my juniors would work with me, that was it. If tomorrow someone would come with a doubt, I wanted to be in a post whereby I could resolve their doubts. But then, work got addictive. And when I didn't have much work, I asked for extra. I helped friends and acquaintances, and at times availed for Earned Leaves when there were better projects side by side. But I would rather take it as an achievement and something I can brag about. I worked with few of my consultants, did jobs whereby my friends had hard times, did works for free and few did I get paid for, and it was okay. It wasn't about money, I just wanted to master my craft. Showoff one would call, or lucky. But there's nothing lucky about it, I have sacrificed. These days, when I am asked, how do I get time? I just say, I will give you time, will you however choose to do what I do? Forgo partying or drinking and actually sit there and work? I know sounds narcissistic and full of oneself type of guy, but then again, I was minding my own business, while many had to comment on where did I manage time from? 

I have sketched those portraits because I want to collect an amount and donate stationaries to community schools. This was one of my plans since 2011, and in between, I did as well for few times. You know why? Because, everybody is poor and most often people crave for self pity and expect someone to come and donate huge amount. I don't want to do that. I want them to learn and explore their hidden talents. Henceforth, I donate colours, brushes, books, mathematics notebooks, handwriting books, sketch books, etc., because if one can learn a trade, one can make it in this world, without prior depending upon anybody. And exploiting someone isn't good, if you can live with it, I am too sorry for you. 

So, moonlighting, is something that should be encouraged in our society. Rather than being all judgmental about why he is doing that after his office hours? Why not encourage him or her, at least, they aren't being phony. They have a skill apart from their main work, and that is something, not everybody can posses. Encourage people to work harder, have two different jobs, maybe, our economy and GDP will shoot up? We say we are agrarian society, I still wonder, are we?  

Sometimes, it is not about paycheck, or the promotion or recognition one gets. Sometimes, it's just about doing the right thing, which is Priceless. Others won't understand it and you don't wish or expect others to as well.

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