Saturday, October 22, 2016

Leaving PHPA.

It's October, a year after my formal request, that my resignation finally is forwarded. There was a time, I badly wanted to leave Bajo. 

when current Prime Minister visited us. For some reason
I never give both of my palms while shaking hands,
Ps: I hate shaking hands and hugging people. 
The first time, when I reached Bajo, I was dropped by my parents and my little brother. Little brother and I would play in the back seat and somewhere below Thinleygang Drupchu, he farted and it was so pungent, that I nearly puked. 

One of my birthdays. I would call everybody I knew.
Later years, I would throw parties for no reason.
And I would stop throwing parties. :P 
When I came to Bajo, I had some five cartoons of books and only half bag full of clothes. It was interesting to share an apartment with Tsheku and Jimtha. We would collect some 3k for mess, and later Jigme Wangchuk joined. That was some serious mess budget and we would drink a lot then. My personal record so far was 18 shots of whiskey. We would joke that some of us donated Cars to local Karaoke lounge, and very shy I was before. But later stages, I started to sing as well. The house was messy and it was full of empty whiskey bottles and cigarette butts. Though four of us were bachelors, no females, apart from our friends stepped in. Jigme was single and three of us were dating. Rarely did their girlfriends visit. Rather our friends visited us, just to get drunk, with their girlfriends. I sometimes wonder, how does it feel like being in relationship and holding someone's hand while they walk? 

This was when Lynpo Yeshey Zimba visited us. 
Anyway, I was possessed with this idea to leave and work in Thimphu. I wanted to move and I want to move towards Capital because there I feel I can make fortune. Now, I was never materialistic person, for money always came easily for me. I always took pride in stating that my first pay cheque was when I was 13, yes, that time I hadn't even learnt to pleasure myself. 

Abstract photo lol. In one of the party halls. 
I thank PHPA because it provided me with so much of experience, that I think, I won't have learned anywhere else. I learnt about tunnels, caverns, roads, buildings - both rcc and prefabricated, etc., but never did I learn about bridges. I always wanted to do one bridge, and I was assigned one as well, but then it never surfaced up. I got involved with some of the works, which many Bhutanese people never were, and I take pride in these works. I don't know, at times, I feel that on a personal level, I might be a wreck, like Menuka Didi says, but professionally, I think, I am sound. It was nice enjoying some attention at work lol. Because rather than being encouraged, many wanted to retain me. :P You have got no idea, when your bosses want you around, at times, even give you A3 printer. :) So, while I enjoyed that attention, I really wanted to leave from here. And this won't be the first time, I would make my parents worry about me. The time, when I joined PHPA, father got so disappointed in me that he didn't talk to me for like two months. He wanted me to write Civil Service. Now that I am vouching this idea to enter private sector, I don't know how worried he might be. I have always vouched for ideas and not many times, I have been disappointed in doing so. Particularly, I only was disappointed once so far. 

There were days, when we worked at any hours, we all loved our jobs. I think, no matter what the world says, that's something nobody can take it away from us, because deep in our hearts, we know, we gave our best, whether we were appreciated or not, it didn't and doesn't matter. 

Early morning in Bajo. Only those who stay with pigeons would
know that it isn't always beautiful to see them around. 
When I first came to Bajo, I hated this town so much. It wasn't at all creative, but I learnt to mature here, I learnt more than what was required. At times, I wonder, did I lose everything to this town? Or did I gain everything from this town? And will I ever learn to forgive? 

Morning walk picture. 
In my tenure of stay, I did one Prefabricated project, double storied houses with four units each, in total three of them. Then I did two RCC buildings, then one tunnel whereby we faced adverse geological occurrence, and then roads, and walls - gabion, RCC and RRM. 

I never availed for Masters, because I always thought I will get married first and then leave. But things don't happen as we expect it to be. Henceforth, 2017 onwards, I will try my best. I made a lot of friends out here in PHPA, quarreled and fought with many bosses, contractors, foremen, etc., sometimes I wonder, will construction industry ever be a polite one? 

One amongst many, Conference hall at Kamichhu. 
A month from now, to be precise, 20th of November, I will be released from my current job, and there were many friends and bosses, who asked me to reconcile my decision. But I always wanted to leave, because I really want to do certain things in Thimphu. I too don't know what's next that is stored in my fate. But I want to relax for a bit, maybe take a month or two off. Roam around, maybe visit my college or Kolkata. Just travel for a bit, and then come back and get another job or do something, one just has to put heart and things will show up, I have always believed in my own intuitions, albeit fickle thoughts I had one too many at times. 

I am thankful to PHPA, and PHPA was a phase in my life, which I had to take. If I didn't, I won't have learnt many things. As I complete my remaining works now, as I prepare myself to leave and think about what next? It gets me thrilled, I have so many things to do in life, and I have just started to do. I wish myself luck, and I hope the zeal always kindles in me to do something that I will love dearly.   


  1. Oh, you are leaving. But for you, better fortunes will be awaiting you, to exhibit all your talents. Best of Luck.

  2. There is always be that sentimental feeling and fear of leaving the thing we used to have and start something new. I've been there few times, and just like you, I followed my intuition that something better would come ahead. What you need is to believe :)

    Taking a break for a month or two would be the gift you deserve to have after being employed for so long. So I wish you all the best for what comes next. What's yours will be yours. Think positive and you'll be fine Dawa!!! :)

  3. all the best senior. I am sure you will ace where ever you go and what ever you do.
    my best wishes are always with you.

  4. All the best, Dawa. I know, you'll do well in life and no doubt you'll have good things line up ahead of you. Welcome to Thimphu for good!