Thursday, October 13, 2016

Celebrating Life, Celebrating Friends: Episode XI

It was in the year 2007, I had visited CST to meet my friends from High School Days, and I went to Tsheku's room. 

CST 2009
Tsheku and I we were talking and catching up upon what we had missed. I had brought few cigarettes for Tsheku, and there were few of his friends, who entered the room, and in haste, took what I had brought for Tsheku. Then Tsheku, asked me to accompany him, and there I went, into the corridors and there he sat, with his fat butt parked on one of the steps, smoking what belonged to us, and with too much of attitude and arrogance, with too much of 'I don't Give a damn who got me this' or courtesy is missing in my dictionary! 

It was the first time, I reckon, I saw Jimtha. With some brown half pants and black T-Shirt with Metallica or Nirvana on his shirt, with his chin not stooping, gusting cigarette smokes in the air. I didn't talk much, and neither did he. But eventually, over the days, while I stayed there at CST, I became friends with him. Today, Jimtha happens to be one amongst my best friends, and people wonder, how many best friends do I have? Actually, I think, I either have best friends, or none :P I can't be that hi hello type guy, it's either full loyalty or nothing, maybe, the reason why some of us are slightly toka type. 

Anyway, Jimtha once said, when my exams will be over, I challenge you over drinks! That thing didn't happen, but later years of friendship, was always filled with that one particular challenge: Who can drink more? 

When they got their placements here, and I was about to join, I called Tsheku to find me an apartment. I didn't know then, that it was hard to get an apartment here in Bajo. But Tsheku, told me that he had one room left and the other roommate of his, was Jimtha. I was dropped by my parents here and the saga of singing and drinking started. Jigme didn't have any friends and he had called for sharing one of the rooms. We didn't have any, so I chose to sleep in living room. Jimtha is known for his good voice, and his talent for playing guitar. He is also popularly known as Motey amongst friends here at Bajo. But, not many would know, he is like third or fourth topper of his batch in CST. He is silent and he is just like a mosquito repellent around women, he being the repellent! If Jimtha doesn't like you, you don't have to know it from the third person, he will give you ample amount of evidences through his behaviour. He can avoid anybody on their faces, his indifference is not something that will hit you secretly. And, well, when it comes for work, I envy him, one of few graduates from CST whom I envy. Jimtha doesn't like to depend upon others, call it his ego or his knack to do things or his pride. He would rather research himself and get things done. In past, when few of our old bosses gave us wrong assignments or made mistakes, or if they had erred, Jimtha would get so aggressive. I think, that's why, many fear him, at site as well. Not many dares to joke around him, and when he scolds people, they remember when they got scolded by him. But that's him, some people are just too particular with work. There was a time, when Sainik and Jimtha would dance till the party ended. Jimtha's moves always resembled Salman's. His favourite movies are that of Nawazuddin Siddiqui's. Because, every other time, he watches one of his movies, we get tortured listening to movie synopsis for months.  

With Ajay Sir, on tour to Tala and Chukha

I have seen Jimtha through thick and thin, and I can say that nobody can be as brave as he is. He will never tell anybody what he goes through, he will deal with it himself. He is shy around new people, and might seem to be mellow in the beginning, but as one gets to know him, you would be baffled with the slangs he uses. But as a friend, I can always count on him. He is that arrogant annoying friend of yours, who have too many standards, but eventually will be there if needed.  In his words, ' The day Dawa Tamang dies, I will drink from 7 am in the morning'. I think, I am one of those persons, who can actually get away by saying anything to him, or else, not many dare to say things on his face, and those who do, he knows how to put them down. 

When Ajay Sir was here, one of the few Indian Engineers whom we envied at work, because he knew the work and was actually technically sound, Jimtha and I, we would go to Sir's house and made him make coffee and chicken curry for us. Ajay Sir, liked to have conversations with us, and he would drop by our apartments as well, at times to talk about work, have coffee or discuss about anything. There were times, when three of us would do night shifts together and all of us were so much passionate about our works.  

There was a time, when I broke my hand, and he was really mad when he came to know about it, it was after my operations were done that he came to know about it. So, when he came to visit me, he and Tsheku with other friends had come. I wasn't able to use my right hand to its full utilization and cooking was out of the menu. However, they came and promised they would cook. Jimtha had brought this whiskey bottle and before pouring the drinks, he said, it would take him 30 minutes to prepare curry. Then it became 15 minutes and then 5 minutes. Next day, when I walked to my living room, the guava juice packet had been smashed and the floor was really sticky. And there was one among many incidents, when we got drunk and started to cook around 3 am. I put more chillies and boiled it with potatoes, we all became sober after consuming that curry. Jimtha however, never passes things to your hand, he will throw them on table! Be it anything, he just throws them on table. 

We have all sorts of funny incidents, and when I recall those days, I just can't help but smile, I seriously do have crazy friends. But most of my friends are family to me now, they secretly give pocket money to my brother but however I come to know about it. They are family because they take the pain to do things when I am in trouble or am in trouble. 

Today, we all live in different apartments. Tsheku's married and has a kid. He lives next to my apartment, Jimtha still stays in that old house where three of us stayed. Despite Bajo being too small as a town, we barely see each other or hang out. But then, there were those days, when we had hit our early twenties, and those days were memorable. When Tsheku's Son was born and we went to see his son, Jimtha got too emotional and washed his dishes that night. I still laugh over it. I don't have to hate people, Jimtha does that for me. 

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