Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Millennials of Bhutan

Who are Millennials? Well, this is the generation born between Generation X and Generation Z, often considered from early 1980s to mid 1990s. As of 2014's demographic data, Bhutan's median age happens to be 25.5 years, meaning Bhutan still consists majority of millennial generation population. So, it's the generation of my batch. 

Normally, around the world, Millennials are considered to be more civic minded, who gives more priority to money, least political, has concerns about environment, detached from institutions and networked with friends, optimistic, they don't fear change, pragmatic, supports gay marriages, legalization of certain drugs like marijuana, more sensitive over what else not to speak towards minorities and if political, quite gravitating towards classic liberalism. 

We are not much different are we? This isn't a researched paper, and I don't have data to support what I write. However, let me jot down things that I really have understood, my very own opinions. 

At work, it won't be shocking to see any of millennials not giving their bests, many tend to do overtimes, and many tend to work harder. Many people of my generation often work during holidays, and when it comes for social causes, many are seen to volunteer, or practice moonlighting, or burn up the midnight candle. Be it banks, to civil service, the current generation folks put in more efforts than the previous ones. This generation clearly wants to master what they are doing, and they toil to be best in whatsoever they progress. And they are bound to be more braver, and 'boss being right always' isn't digested easily by many. Henceforth, this generation works hard, parties hard and many tend to resign faster as well. If they don't, it either lands up being on facebook statuses or they complain to the ones whom they can confide their nagging to. This has got more to do with mindset that our generation has, they don't buy off any of the ideas on it's surface, for they are more pragmatic. Henceforth, not many are found to be more religious than the previous ones. Their thirst for knowledge is more, and many already have figured out how to avail or go about Masters. Even they working abroad isn't something new, they tend to accept challenges bravely. 

This generation also happens to be the bridge, the transitional generation. For, they are savvy with computers and have well spent times in libraries. They have seen Bhutan transit from the phase of not having electricity to having broadband. Henceforth, they can mingle with the old ones and the new ones, and when they find the old ones not savvy with computers, simply irritates them. The younger ones not sharing the same sentimental platform towards family and culture, pisses them off. 

It isn't surprising to see many entrepreneurs, belonging to this generation, and it won't be surprising to see them in future as well, for most of the coffee houses, bars or even discotheques, are flooded by younger minds, who tend to discuss and argue, debate and try to find solutions pertaining to better economy, social changes and causes and anything that seems new. This is very vibrant generation, and henceforth, not many brighter minds, opt for civil service examinations, if they have better offers elsewhere. This generation has bypassed that age long fear of not having pension, and are more daring towards risk taking, investing upon what might work in market. Albeit they still rely upon favors from their parents. And they are more understanding, have this knack to become more independent as well. Because, even if they are unemployed, it has always pinched them. Not having a job, has always frustrated this generation, and they have tried harder to be employed, or dared to have dreams. 

While they refrain to comment over political agenda openly, they like to discuss and keep themselves updated with current affairs, but refuse to let others know which parties they actually support, most people of my generation don't completely try to rely upon government supports. However, they don't flinch much and are not that afraid to lend loans from financial institutions, if they tend to think, that some business ideas might work. They spend more time with friends, compared to their relatives or cousins. Many try to tie up with people who think a like, and this is the generation, which doesn't want to get into relationships and actually get divorced. Henceforth, it isn't new to see many not getting married at earlier ages, compared to Generation X. While infidelity was taken not much seriously in past, this generation is not forgiving to the cheaters, even if someone cheats, they sort of dislike the cheaters, which the past generation could have easily digested. 

But there seems to be fear that might inculcate in mere future, and this generation being more tech savvy, tend to learn and pick up more things from the internet and mainstream media. Henceforth, a global issue can always be made into a local one. Like, LGBT. Though many would support the idea of same sex marriages, my generation might overdo upon empathizing on these cases. Because, LGBT or not, we are still not mean to them like in other countries. The worst one can do, is throw some jokes or giggle behind their backs (even a fat guy or dark toned guy gets jeered the same, in fact they get more jeered than people of LGBT communities): people don't beat or shoot or pick a fight with them or demean them on their faces or openly. These sort of cases would never surface up, but if people involved upon these cases make it dramatic, it might surface in mere future. Like, if you ask someone thousand times not to be mad, that person will eventually get mad. In comparison to this, the past generation handled it very well. They were more secretive and not many global issues were made into local, and not many things around the world did affect us. The problems we had then, were sorted out internally, and the world didn't know much about it then. Unlike the current issue of justice, which did have repercussions, and seeking attention from the world media which always wanted some spicy stories from the land of happiness. 

But in all, I just am optimistic with my generation. This generation will do more for the nation than the past generation, and engraved upon self love and slight touch of narcissism, this generation will be more self disciplined and civic minded - for not many throw away their trash everywhere or spit around chewing doma. The best days of Bhutan, are yet to come, and I can sense it. And our millennials are different, most can speak at least five or six languages, with having great proficiency in English. Just that, not many policies are in their favor and not many investors or employees know their true potentials as of now. I still believe, the future tycoon in IT sector, will be some entrepreneurial kid who is still working upon his codes, and is trying to achieve perfection. And no, he isn't thinking about settling down easily, or wants to see any girlfriends as of now. And of course, we are going to have better doctors, better engineers, better teachers, better lawyers, better accountants, etc., because many from this generation didn't actually land up being one, they chose what they wanted to be. And this will leave a remarkable trend for the future ones, a slightly less corrupt, and slightly more ambitious and hard working ones. 


  1. This is one sensible post you have shown yourself you are capable of thinking and writing them down as well.

  2. Wow, this is a powerful reflection. I really appreciate your analysis and judgments. Thanks for sharing your views....