Saturday, August 6, 2016

Toilet Designs for Bhutan Toilet Org.

Going beyond complaints and being the change to provide "Clean Toilets for All"!

Bhutan Toilet Org. is established with a broad vision to provide "Clean Toilet for All". The Organization aims to make clean toilet accessible for all and inspire behavioural change by building public awareness and citizen volunteerism.

Mission: Clean Toilets for All!

Mind you, when it is mentioned 'Clean' am sure, I presume it is meant as noun and not as verb. BTO can't clean everybody's toilet.

Working with Aue Passu, is interesting, it always has been. Like he says, we can do all the crazy stuff. And yes, it does involve about all the crazy things, like reading and writing proposals, painting, sketching, writing certificates, pondering about strategies, designing new stuff, radio ads, carpentry, and the list goes on. There is always liberty to do new things and anything interesting is always encouraged.

As stipulated, 2016 has become a busy year. So many things are happening around and all I can say as of now is, be patient. It will unfold good things I presume. Am positive about it. :)

I logged into facebook during lunch time and saw Aue Passu had messaged an hour ago. It was pertaining to toilet design which would come up at Chunzom. But the funny thing was, we only had two days. That day however, wasn't a good day, at least for me. At work, it wasn't good environment and couldn't touch his designs. To be honest, I was done disappointing Aue Passu as well, because till date, I wasn't much of a help for BTO.

The next day, for few hours, two to be precise, after office, imagined how the toilet should have looked. Aue Passu had provided with his layout, all that was to be done was to come up with presentable pictures. Imagined how to go about producing pictures for his presentation and started working. These are the few pictures mailed to him. 

Do visit his page and know more about Bhutan Toilet Org

This toilet will be funded by Ministry of Agriculture if approved, and construction drawings are being worked upon. This toilet will have three units for women, two for men and three urinals for men. If approved, it will be constructed somewhere at Chunzom, the site has to be seen. Detail estimate is being worked upon. 

Bhutan Toilet Org. aspires to build more toilets across the country in future, and the motto is simple: Clean toilets for all. 

Personal Note: Many would be skeptical about this particular NGO, because this idea is very new to our culture. Our Toilet habits have been unhygienic. Aue Passu's voyage in regard to this, has been a different one, cynical me says, it might take two decades for people to actually have behavioral change. I wish to be as much as helpful to this journey of his. 

Ps: posted after approval of BTO. Besides, just for fun, one of the toilet papers was made to be missing. :p 


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