Saturday, August 13, 2016

Good In Everybody: Introduction.

"Five years from now, how do you see yourself?" 

"Being Happy!" well that's what I always told. This line wasn't something that I had read on the INTERNET, because ten years ago, we didn't have much access to INTERNET. 

That dialogue, I clearly remember, giving it to my best friend's wife, who was then interning in one of the radio stations, what was I? Sharukh Khan with wide open arms dancing in lush paddy fields, or was I just too radical like John Lennon? I was none. I was just a boy grinning with my wide smile, for failing to be an architect but going to become a civil engineer. Poor people, we don't have much choices. 

Why was happiness always my priority? Perhaps characters like Edmund from The Count of Monte Cristo who always wanted to avenge or Sidney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities who sacrificed a lot inspired me? Or was it Uncle Abe or Brother Luther over their thoughts of freedom? I don't know, maybe as a teenager, I should have chased girls and written many love letters or played too much of football, that when I would grow, I wouldn't have chased after peace of mind. But that's a different voyage in itself. 

After a decade, I am realizing things differently, a change in perspective and a lot more. Now, no more can I empathize much, feel pity for others or myself, be sorry for past lives of others, or do I regret for people's miseries and my own. No more can I be sensitive over what they would say or why the heck do they see me online all the time? Well, it's not that I work for Facebook and I am running some customer care to chat with all. I have my own works and I do it sacrificing my sleep, and not would many know what I am working upon. In all these, I found my peace, in those hectic calculations, in those drawings, in trying to weave words to proposals, books, those late hours of no sleep, etc., 

This post however, is declaration of what will unfold from here on. These will be saga of those people who yearned to be good, no matter how tough their lives were, they still chose to be good. And not to be dependent upon others or tried to exploit others. The series will be about heroes, normal ones, the ones we encounter or should have encountered, stories from past, future and present, people who just didn't think and know that the world needed a hero or they needed appreciation, yet they contributed in their own small ways. People, who did good, no matter how hard their lives were. I am not promising anybody to be sketched like I did in past, that was complete failure project. :p Well, few took away sketches and never donated books or stationaries to anybody :p. And I understand, I understand that no matter how mean we are seen to the world or we behave, there is always something good in us. I also understand that at times we tend to promise and we can’t keep it, for at times conditions don’t permit us. I am sure, those people who wanted to donate, wanted to donate from their heart just that their responsibilities as father, son or daughter didn’t allow them to. All of us, that are capable of being good. And deep down, no matter what we say or how we treat others, we all have good in us. So, here's to all those stories, a series in which I will write about good in everybody. If found, even in Donald Trump's case, there might be good. Pertaining to me being negative, well, let's just say, I still can't compliment over your presentation slides which you appreciate it on much more level, than I would. You simply can't dodge sarcasm from me over minute things which a teenage kid takes three hours and you take three days? Always been positive actually, just that complimenting was hard and is always hard. But I never mocked you over your quest of thinking out of the box or mocked your voice irritatingly, did I? So yes, still positive with the works that are appreciative, not just some doodles you do when you are bored and needs to be considered as art. :) 

So, here's to all the good that we have on this planet, which is left in this planet. 

And, after ten years of ups and downs, I have realized, Happiness is not something that we achieve over night or is something that we get it from others. It is in every little thing, it is how you make your lover feel, it is how you are made to feel by yourself or your lover or not getting affected by how you are made to feel, it is in work that you do and complete, it is in every little bit of everything. Yes, at times, even cutting the right amount of onion slices to finding a toilet to poop. None of these are going to come to you easily, one has to toil for everything, and in these little journeys, happiness awaits in corners and turns of your life – Yes, happiness is sort of playing Pokemon Go! It’s more than standing up with your arms wide open, be it in gardens of marigolds or paddy fields for that matter, while wind fondles with your hair and unbuttoned shirts. 

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