Friday, August 5, 2016

Dophu & Dhan Maya Chronicles: Episode I - Coffee

Dophu and Dhan Maya walks into coffee cafeteria. 

Dhan Maya looks at the menu and the waiter, Shakutala Aunty : So I will have one chocolate walnut brownie, and Cafe Americano. I think he will have chocolate cream frappuccino? Right Dophu? 

Dophu gets worried and turns to Shakuntala Aunty, and asks: Aunty etta kay kay paw chaw? (His Nepali is sloppy, but he didn't want to piss off Shakuntala Aunty with his Dzongkha. He presumed she didn't understand Dzongkha. ) 

Shakuntala Aunty cum waitress: Ley sha ra thop tey Nuchu.. coffee, tea, frappuccino, latte... (She got irritated because she knew exactly why he spoke in Nepali). 

Dophu: Coffee! (tea sounds too normal, jaa dhi atara thom thom sa ra inn)

Shakuntala Aunty cum waitress: with milk, without milk? 

Dophu: Without Milk. (pondering why not so many questions were asked to Dhan Maya, making him feel like he was on American terminal being interrogated). 

Shakuntala Aunty cum waitress: with sugar or without sugar? 

Dophu: without sugar - not that he likes it without sugar, just that he feels so gawar(illiterate) after reading those menu that even his memory power is lost. The last words he could remember from her mouth, he just repeats them like in kindergarten school. 

Gender bias post number something: Women are more literate in cafeteria language? No wonder they eat snacks all the time. 

Ps: No wonder me before you was a chick flick. A guy strapped on a chair with hoarse voice, pretty face and knack to enunciate few French words making it sound so complex while it was just a mere coffee house :P
Gender Bias number something: For South East Asia.
Literacy and Education statistics are in favor of women while one goes to cafe.
Men have no idea what to order and usually settle down for 'Coffee without sugar' with fries. Not that he enjoys coffee without sugar, but those were the last words waiters or waitresses had asked them.

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