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Celebrating Life, Celebrating Friends: Episode X.

"Do you know her?" nervously I inquired about my crush. 
"Oh Yes! I slept with her"
That moment, I would have killed him thousand times over, but we were lads way back in high school. 

Oh, and that's the first time I had ever talked to Sonam Tenzin, aka Tsheku. Of course, he was lying about the whole saga, but that's him. Tsheku and I, we weren't best buddies during high school days. But when he had gone to CST, those were the days when we became good friends. 

Yes, a rare breed of Languor 
If there is one man, who hasn't aged or looks just the same over the years, as if the Gods of aging had forgotten him, then it is Tsheku. During our Motithang days, Tsheku was appointed as some Captain, was it Sanitation? I can't remember much, told you, we weren't close then. However, when Tsheku wasn't captain and we were sent to monitor classes during absence of teachers, Tsheku was always rebellious and the comedian. He would make it very tough for any captain to monitor his class. But Karma, bites you in the ass right? Usage of the word 'Karma' seems so wrong in Bhutan, because somewhere some Karma might be agitated with mentioning of that word. Anyway, when he became captain and some kid did the same to him, i.e., made jokes while Tsheku tried to monitor a class, Tsheku became so violent. I laughed my ass off, and told him that when he wasn't a captain, he was exactly that much of a pain in the ass. He then said, he needed to teach a lesson to that kid, that they all thought captains were sissy! Well, at times, we had to turn blind eye on events. Diplomacy engraved at young age, for few of our Senior Captains were beaten into pulps and not to forget threatening phone calls. 

Bajo Local Karaoke 
So, during those days after class 12, while we didn't have much to do and we were smoking cigarettes, drinking cheap beer and whiskey, playing snooker, going around Thimphu and being nuisance, we started to mingle with everybody. Tsheku was in the other section, and in that class, only Namgay was close to us. My classmates and I, we were very much close, so we would meet up at Zangtopelri complex. There were few friends then, who made good amount out of snooker games. One was Tsheku and other was Orro. 

Tsheku's Room. 2nd Year 2009. 
Then we all went to college and I would visit CST. When in CST, Tsheku would smoke cheap cigarettes and drink cheap whiskey. Albeit I had many friends there, I stayed at his room. Tsheku was very popular in CST, even Suraj Daju, a sweeper who was there at Kharbandi way back since our infant days, knew who Tsheku was. Football made  Tsheku very popular. So, when I went looking for him, it was Suraj Daju who showed me his room. 

When I did research in CST, for a span of two months, Tsheku would always get me two precious things in CST - 1. Water to wash yourself. 2. Kewa Datshi and Rice. I didn't have to go to mess. And he was very considerate about food and water. Three times a day, over two months, that's a persistent guy right there. But that's Tsheku's friendship. He is persistent and still keeps in touch with his friends. 

He was dating then. It is funny how he started to date. Tsheku became famous for that one as well. He was asked by a friend to convey his proposal, become a postman, but Tsheku would only get involved if he was interested. So, he went to convey message, not for his classmate however, for himself. And today, Tsheku is married to her. Tsheku is a confident chap, and am happy that he is, for if he doesn't have his confidence, then he doesn't have anything. His face is funny and he is dark toned, it doesn't affect his self esteem at all. He is very funny and the only moment I saw him shit scared was once when he broke up with his then girlfriend and now wife. Or else, it is hard to see emotions like that in him. He was tearful once though, when Ganga Ram met with an accident, and Ganga Ram started to sing - Ha ha. Yes, we now laugh it off, but that day was very hard on us. Ganga Ram called Tsheku several times Kalay, asked us for volley ball match and reminded us not to drink, for it would be painful when we fell ill - those were the things Ganga yapped out of shock.

On the Day he got his first car. 
Anyway, Tsheku when he faces problems, he never tells anybody. Those stormy days will come and pass by, and nobody will know. By the time we would know, and offer him help, he would have handled it. That's Tsheku. It is same when he does something or achieves something. Like the time, when he bought a car, he didn't tell us. He bought the car, and just showed up at my office when I was working. It was around 8 or 9 pm, and he just came to office. We talked for a while and decided to hang out. When I walked outside, there he had it, his car. He just knows right thing to do at right time. He is philosophical and very much loves debating, but that only comes out when he is drunk. As a friend, you don't have to tell him that you are in thick shit, he just knows it. He will look at your face and offer his help. 

Tsheku when he gets drunk, he would tell three things, or let's say, he amalgamates his sentences with these three phrases - Life na dhi... Thang bay lap gay, god swear/promise... seriously, trust me!..  

But that's Tsheku, he misses our old crazy days, whereby we would drink till mornings. One funny incident was, a guy asked him to stop singing in our local karaoke. He got so pissed that later, he did the same to the guy, he said, "tone ma tub". I still find it funny. Tsheku has this mark on his arm, that makes him look like some gang member, like he had gotten it for doing something notorious. I would however laugh till my stomach hurt, because it wasn't out of weird stuff that he did, he was bitten by a dog! 
Picnic at Punakha. 

There was a day, when Tsheku and I, we drank till 5 am in the morning and I slept. When I got up, he was no where to be seen. He had caught a cab and was on his way to meet his wife, when asked why? He said, I missed her. That's how crazy he is. Once he commits to do something, he does it. 

Tsheku today has a son, and his son resembles him. I always find him so cute, because he is mini version of Tsheku. I hope to see him grow up like Tsheku, a good friend, a good brother, a crazy lover and annoying husband I guess. His wife is brave lady to tolerate him lol. As a roommate during college days and while we worked for PHPA, Tsheku never was problematic. He would eat whatever we cooked and he really sucked at cooking. His choirs consisted of cleaning the house and washing dishes. He is my neighbour, but these days, we barely meet up. 

It was during one of those days, when I visited Tsheku in his college, and offered him cigarettes, that he shared with one of his friends, and that guy with so much of attitude smoked it and didn't pay any heed. That's how I met Jimtha, and I will write about Jimtha, the man who is scary, in my next post. 

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