Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ugyen's Day

Ugyen wanted to race and we did, he wanted to go to Children's Park, and we did. He wanted to play and we did. While it was going to rain, I told him, "Let's head home."
"You are just making an excuse because you want to go home and work", he said. 

I did feel bad because he has been here for a week and that's how he found me. I sort of felt, I was doing something wrong. So, we stayed for a bit longer at the park and we competed against each other on swings. If I lost, I had to carry a rock and if he did, he would do the same. It was then, I realized how rigid my body was, no wonder, I could never learn how to dance. 

Henceforth, these days, I always try to take Ugyen wherever I go. 

Yesterday, we went out on a picnic, it was my office picnic and I wanted to take Ugyen. He was so happy to hear the news. Our picnic spot for the past few years haven't changed, I guess, that spot has seen a hell lot of employees drunk than any bars or discotheques combined - together, once again. 

Sumo Wrestler Pose 

We reached there and had our breakfast, then Ugyen and I went to river bank, we played in sand for hours. He just came up with a very good excuse, he wanted to built a house for his Gabo Ashim - he is just excited that she will come to Samtse to visit him. He did a pretty good job, and I helped, I can't let the kid take credit for my job. 

Photo Courtesy : Mani Kumar. We didn't even know that we were watched :) 

Then we heard that there would be a dance competition, and let me tell you, my little brother is very much enthusiastic about dance. The moment he heard the news, he started looking for partners, he even went to a kid and asked him. He was looking for a colleague to boost his confidence. I told him that I will get someone for him, and I had asked one of our friends who was drunk. 

His House for His Gabo Azhim. 

But the competition was different, everybody had to dance together and I told Ugyen how it was going to happen. He danced with all of them, and trust me, his moves were not that amazing of a dancer's, but then again, he's just a 6 year old kid. He danced persistently from beginning till the end. He didn't want to drink juice and due to too much of dancing, he didn't want to eat. He was fully soaked with sweat and his jeans were dirty because of his dance moves and playing in sand, I told him that Ama would scold him. Enthusiastically, with sparkling eyes, he told me: I will be scolded at first, then I will show her my prize money! At times, I wonder where he learns things like that, he comes up with very naive but truthful things: Like at the age of 4 he asked me to visit him on his birthday, told me to ask my 'Sirs' for holiday. Like while he was in my arms and playing a video game, he said: acho why aren't you married? You have a job. (Acho gachi bey nen ma chab moh? Yo dhin thop chi nu). 

After Winning. 
When the prizes were announced, he didn't understand much. He saw four people walk away with prizes and his head sank. I told him that it was okay, and asked him whether he was sad or not? He told me that he was. His head started to sink and his eyes were about to get tearful. I was told about the result beforehand, I didn't want to tell him though, because I really want him to learn about life - ups and downs, not everything happens as per our wishes and hard work.  Besides Ugyen was the only kid who was dancing, so it was obvious that it was more of a sympathy vote I thought. Ugyen had won first prize and he looked at me with shock when he heard his name, he got up so quickly and everything happened so fast that next thing I remember was he reaching for his prize. 

He was very happy when he came back, and when I asked him whether he thanked the person who gave him the prize, he took his tongue out. We both laughed and there was another announcement. One of our Executive Engineers, who was video taping Ugyen throughout and was laughing over his dance moves, had some extra amount to be gifted to Ugyen. Ugyen was very much happy. He was so happy that he wanted to come home early and tell Ama what had happened. I asked him, what he wanted to do with his cash money? He said, he wanted to buy one more Transformers Toy. 

Time and again, he asked me to count his money when I was home, he didn't want Acho Pema to steal his money. 

Ps: This article is done after his permission. He selected the pictures which are uploaded here. :) 


  1. Such a sweet article....our monku is an amazing piece by himself...he brings so much joy and positivness into what ever and where ever he walks in to....

  2. Such a sweet article....our monku is an amazing piece by himself...he brings so much joy and positivness into what ever and where ever he walks in to....

  3. Such a sweet article....our monku is an amazing piece by himself...he brings so much joy and positivness into what ever and where ever he walks in to....

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    2. Yes, he is gifted that ways... and he is always surrounded by elder girls.. he surely will be breaking so many hearts.. :)

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  5. he reminds me of the kid in the cartoon UPl; very high spirited, wise and a beautiful soul. More over this article makes me wanna meet him in person . omg! such a sweetheart. Regards to lil ugyen and senior gi, i am glad that you are cherising the lil things in life and living it. xoxo